Q&A- Christopher Coppola

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Director/Producer/Writer Christopher Coppola  started his movie directing career with Dracula's Widow and he went on to do Deadfall, G-MEN FROM HELL, and Clockmaker to name a few projects he has been involved in, and he has also directed some TV shows for FOX, Disney Channel, ABC, and Nickelodeon.  

Christopher is the brother of  actor Nicholas Cage.  

Christopher Coppola formed Plaster City Productions, Inc in 1995 that has specialized in independent film productions and offering Digital Post Production services in 2003 with the formation of PlasterCity Digital Post.


Enterline Media: Favorite movies?

Christopher Coppola: La Strada, It's a Mad, Mad World, Clockwork Orange, Thunderball, Seventh Samurai, To Kill a Mockingbird

EM: So you like Thunderball. Thunderball isn't a bad movie. I'm more partial to From Russia With Love, You Only Live Twice, Moonraker, and The Living Daylights. What did you think of the Thunderball remake, Never Say Never Again?

CC: I thought it was a disaster. It took the suave out of my favorite Bond, Sean Connery. Was that really necessary?

EM: Favorite TV shows?

CC: Ironside, Batman, Get Smart, Hawaii 5-O, Flipper

EM: Favorite author?

CC: It's a tie between Joseph Conrad and Mark Twain

EM: Favorite comic books?

CC: The Shadow, The Phantom, The Specter

EM: What are the best movies based on a comic book?

CC: Considering what Gibson drew from "The Passion of Christ".

EM: Last good movie you have seen?

CC: Kill Bill 2.

EM: What is the last DVD you watched?

CC: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

EM: What upcoming movies are you waiting to see?

CC: Fahrenheit 911

EM: Why is the Plaster City website cooler looking than the Saturn Films website?

CC: Too each his own.

EM: What would happen if you ended up in a club/bar (out a of a film noir) with your wife, a Japanese Elvis impersonator, Madman, a glow-in-the-dark zebra, Mindy Clark, a couple of Star Trek fans, one of the female newscasters from BBC News, and a prophet named Zed?

CC: I'd set up the karaoke machine and make everyone sing Monkees songs, zebra included.

Serious questions:

EM: Will ther ever be a sequel to G-MEN FROM HELL?

CC: No.

EM: What was the budget of G-MEN FROM HELL?

CC: very low and I'm still owed money.

EM: Why was the G-MEN FROM HELL DVD re-released (I bought the first DVD edition used for $2.99)?

CC: Framework went out of business. The guy who ran it is in jail.

EM: What happened to the director's commentary that Mike Allred mentioned in the creator's commentary track?

CC: I told the truth and the so-called "producer" is a pussy.

EM: Will the MADMAN movie ever be made?

CC: Probably.

EM: What advantages does filming with digital video cameras bring to filmmaking?

CC: It's fast, immediate and it's the future.

EM: What you do think of the trend of movies using actors against total digital backgrounds (most or all of the movie has the actors filmed against a green screen with the backgrounds to be created later) like in movies such as the French sci-fi movie Immortel and the upcoming Captain Sky and the Wolrd of Tomorrow?

CC: I'm fine with that. It's a different process. I like mixing old school concepts with new school concepts. But, a story still has to be told.

EM: What new directors should people be on the look-out for?

CC: John Doe of Custer, South Dakota. Jane Doe of Butte, Montana. The Doe Brothers from Alabama and so on and so on.

EM: What are you thoughts on the long development of the new SUPERMAN movie (your brother was once cast as Superman with Tim Burton directing, and now Bryan Signer is slalted to direct after so many changes of people involved)?

CC: The Studios don't really love movies anymore so they really "muck" things up.

EM: What future is planned for Plaster City?

CC: Under the Ars Nova XXI banner we will help to build a pure Digital Alternative Hollywood.

For more on Director Christopher Coppola and the movie (and TV) projects he is involved in, go to Plaster City Productions, Inc's website:  http://www.plastercity.com

and check out PlasterCity Digital Post Production Facility's site:  http://www.plastercitypost.com

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