Interview: Kim Chapiron (director of SHEITAN)

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About Kim Chapiron (director of SHEITAN):

Kim Chapiron is a member of Kourtrajmé, a loose collective of vibrant, cutting-edge young French filmmakers.  Founded in 1995, this incredibly dynamic collective counts among its members actor/producer Vincent Cassel, French rap group Le Nguyen, Sheitan star Romain Gavras and graphic artist Kiki Picasso.

(taken from Tartan Video press info)

This interview contains harsh language.


ENTERLINE MEDIA: What inspired you to make SHEITAN?

LSD and Comic books.

EM: Any problems you encountered during filming or something you would have done differently if you had the chance to go back?

Too much drugs on set. Staff overdosing… Nightmare. Just thinking about it makes me clench my fist and grind my teeth.


EM: How is it to work with Vincent Cassel? He looks really different in this film. I also enjoyed him in THE CRIMSON RIVERS (I still need to see IRREVERSIBLE). He's a talented actor and so is his wife (Monica Belluci).

Vincent and Monica are genuinely beautiful and gifted people. I’ve known Vincent for more than ten years. He has starred in most of my short-films. Vincent is kind of the godfather of our crew. He’s the only crazy motherfucker that I knew that could play this part.


EM: Internet Movie Database says Monica Belluci is in this film, but is she really in the film and where does one have to look for her?

At the gas station, the clerk watches a horror flick in which she acts in.


EM: SHEITAN is a twisted film. How would you deal with people (the caretaker, his neice) in the film if you met them?

We’d end up being best buddies and I would probably end up marrying their sisters.


EM: Where in France was SHEITAN filmed?

In Paris, and outside of Paris.


EM: How has SHEITAN performed at the box office and on DVD where it has been released so far?

We did good (500,000 tickets) and the film is well distributed in 34 countries. It was rated R, therefore, all the kids purchased it on DVD…


EM: What extras were on the DVD in France?

4 hours of crazy mo’fucking bonuses. Check out this link

(EM note:  the link isn't included by the director).


EM: What's next after SHEITAN?

I’m currently co-writing a feature in NY with my long-time buddy Jeremie Delon. The topic of this project is juvenile correctional centers in America. Partizan (Eternal Sunshine Of A Spotless Mind, Science of Sleep…) is producing it. The shooting is scheduled this summer. Look out for it. It’s going to be raw, sincere, violent, moving, and like Sheitan, it will not leave you indifferent.


EM: What are some really good French films to watch (I have seen LA FEMME NIKITA, THE CRIMSON RIVERS (and the sequel), EMPIRE OF THE WOLVES, AMELIE, DELICATESSEN, A VERY LONG ENGAGEMENT, the Three Colors Trilogy, THE NEST, and others)? I have seen a few, but it is mostly the films from the last 20 years.

Going Places/Small Change/The Pianist/Hate…


EM: What are your thoughts (if any) on Luc Besson deciding to retire from directing films? I think he has a couple of good films left in him (the proposed sequels to THE 5TH ELEMENT and LEON)?

I think he’ll eventually come back as a director. That proves that he must be very generous in taking a step back and producing new directors…


EM: I wish more French films make their way to the US. Then some companies here don't release all of the extras to this market. Why don't French movie studios

provide subtitle options for French films? I'm frustrated over films I would like to see or extras that might be good to watch, but none or most don't offer enough English subtitle options.

I was blessed to have my buddy and co-screenwriter, Jeremie Delon, translate Sheitan and its making-of. He is half French, half American. Therefore, knows both slangs. A lot of French films are not necesarly exportable. That’s why production companies don’t bother adding English subtitles in the DVD options.

EM: What are some of your favorite films?

Straw dogs. Back cats, white cats. Happiness. Gummo. The Firm (by Alan Clark with Gary Oldman). Adam’s Apple(Danish movie).


EM: Last good movies you have seen on DVD?

The Pusher Trilogy.

Coup de tęte (Jean Jacques Annaud).

Le temps des Gitans (Kusturica).

5 easy pieces.

L’argent de poche (Truffaut).

The descent.


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