Q and A number 4: Dean Haglund

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ENTERLINE MEDIA:.  What was your favorite moment on the X-Files or the Lone Gunmen?
DEAN HAGLUND:  I think that the shooting of the first all Gunmen episode Unusual Suspects was a favorite since the three of us would hang out in one trailer and watch DVD’s –fun stuff.

EM:   What is the funniest thing to happen while you're playing Langly?
DH:  What WASN’T the funniest thing. In fact I put all the funniest moments in a comic book that I wrote and drew that I would sell at the conventions. It was a limited printing so I have since sold out. But if you find anyone who got one of those they can relate to you tons of stories.

EM:   Why did the women always seem to be attracted to Frohike during The Lone Gunmen series (like give him the eye)?
DH:   Yeah...what was THAT about? I guess the ladies like the creepy porn fellows. 

EM:   Would you have wanted to pitch a story for The Lone Gunmen series if it made it to the second season?
DH:  I was actually working on a script that included a magical Mac Writer II and Pamela Anderson playing herself. Complete nerd fantasy. 

EM:   I think The X-Files was running out of steam by Season 9.  Do you think it was a mistake for the writers to kill off the Lone Gunmen or would it have been better for one to die to save the others (and everyone else)?  I never liked the way the Lone Gunmen went out.  It bugged me even more when I was watching "Jump The Shark" recently.  Luckily, Morgan and Wong didn't have their way by wanting to kill off Frohike during season 4 of XF.
DH:   I like that we got a hero’s send off rather than ignoring us or having just fade off into the sunset. It was a great way to get out of the show that had run it’s course. 

EM:   Do you think The Lone Gunmen would have had a web site for their newspaper today?
DH:   I don’t know about that. The truly paranoid stay off the grid as much as possible. The only reason the FBI could never find the Unabomber was because he never had a phone. So a web site would maybe draw too much attention to the cause... That is why the old school paper is the best way to go. 

EM:   What are you doing now?
DH:   Let’s see – in order
Producing a movie with Patrick McGoohan  (search web for details)
Drawing another comic book about why the Gunmen was cancelled.
Starting a radio show on the Black Vault Radio Network – Art Bell meets the Daily show.
Do you watch Celebrity Poker?  Then you will like what I am hosting – Celebrity Dungeons and Dragons.
Stand-up comedy at all the Sci Fi Conventions where I make up an episode of the X-Files with fans (www.deanhaglund.com)
and Invented a product to cool your laptop and speed it up as a result. (www.chillpak.com)

Those are just the front burner items... I could bore you with the rest.

EM:   Favorite movies?
DH:   Chaplin’s City Lights, Phantom of the Paradise, Adaptation, Fellini’s 81/2, and Old Boy from Korea 

EM:   Favorite TV shows?
DH:   Arrested Development, Harvey Birdman, attorney at law, Sealab 2021, Daily Show, of course, Boston Legal.

EM:   So you are bummed that ABC bumped the last remining season one episodes until the fall to go with season 2 since Grey's Anatomy has been doing so well.

EM:   Last movies and DVDs that you have watched?
DH:   Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind, Legend of the Sacred Stone ( Kung Fu movie done with Kabuki puppets) and Guy Madden’s Saddest Music in the World.
EM:   Back to The Lone Gunmen for a moment,  how do you think they would have responded to the death of Hunter S. Thompson?
Iconoclasts of all stripes hold a special place with the Gunmen, independent thinkers should be celebrated at all costs. 

EM:   Anything people should know about your fellow cast members on The Lone Gunmen (like the other two Gunmen, Stephen, or Zuleikha?
DH:   Stephen has become integral with El Faro, an orphanage that my wife and I took him to 2 years ago. Z likes playing D&D with our producers. 
EM:   What is the strangest day you have ever had?
DH:   Today is fairly odd, flying to Denver just after having ACL replacement surgery, where they screw a dead guy’s ligament into my leg. And I am doing a show tonight on it for the first time. Is that strange? 

EM:   The Chill Pak?  I never had a notebook computer yet.  The Desktop I have owned for 3 1/2 years has had it's range of programming bugs and replaced parts.
DH:   The Chill Pak is simpler than all that. Put it in the freezer and place it under the laptop and watch how well it performs. You’ll see when you get one. 
EM:   Why should people buy your comedy DVDs?
DH:   To laugh their ass off, apparently. That is the feedback that I am getting from those who buy. At first I thought I would just sell for those who dragged up onstage with me but then I found people who had heard about the show but could not attend started buying them, and now I sell to everyone around the world. Every show is different so you can collect the entire series and see new things in each one.  

EM:   If you're trapped in an elevator with a zebra, Jennifer Garner, Frohike, and a midget, what would happen?
DH:   9 months later Science would be abuzz with the birth of half pound baby that has facial hair and it’s own fur coat.
EM:    I'm all out of questions.  Do you have any questions for me?
DH:    Did you miss your deadline?

EM:    Not Really.  thanks for doing the interview: