I came up with the concept of OCTOBER GOTHIC when he was looking for a new way to challenge myself and do something creative witha little bit of imagination. The concept started with sketches and then it was to find the model. Locations used include Woodland Park and Conrad Cemetary.

OCTOBER GOTHIC was a way to create something in a gothic manner mixed with beauty in addition to reflecting the time of the year. The photos were a way to create images that speak to the viewer and tell a story. Sometimes a few happy surprises came about due to the types of film used and the angles used.

OCTOBER GOTHIC is in a way a brand that will extend from the photos to the web site to a photography book to even a book of stories that will combine text and photos. I can't wait to explore new concepts for OCTOBER GOTHIC next year. The web site has five different series of photos ranging from Infrared Gothic to GothicBeauty (the photographer's gothic interpeation of Sleeping Beauty- he imagined a beautiful woman sleeping on a bed of leaves).

OCTOBER GOTHIC 2010: The plan for OCTOBER GOTHIC 2010 are many photo shoots taking place between August and early October 2010. I'm looking for female models from size 1 to 10. I'm looking for a unique look that I can adapt to the OCTOBER GOTHIC concepts I will come up with. See CONTACT PAGE for further details.