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TV show review: CONTINUUM season 4


Review by David Blackwell


Episode 201- A MOVABLE BEAST


WITCHES OF EAST END is back as a darker and edgier show, but this episode isn’t as fun as some of the other episodes from season one.  It picks up days after the first season finale.  The Beauchamps are trying to remember what or who came through the portal leading to Asgard while Joanna Beauchamp fights being poisoned.   Meanwhile, Freya Beauchamp gets a vision of Killian being dead while his brother Dash thinks Killian is dead.   Ingrid Beauchamp pursues getting the job to curate some new material on the history of witchcraft.   However, something is lurking in the shadows while Joanna is reunited with her long lost son Frederick, but Joanna’s sister Wendy doesn’t trust him. 


Season 2 has some interesting threads to start with, but sometimes it feels like they’re trying to serve too many episodes in this first episode to set everything up for the second season.  I can’t wait for James Marsters to show up as a guest star while viewers will find out what happened to Killian, but it would have been interesting to leave them hanging for two or three episodes before the reveal of his fate.   It also seems the show is too eager to develop Dash discovering the powers his mother suppressed all his life so she could use them for herself.


WITCHES OF EAST END is still above what usually passes for quality on Lifetime.  I am glad it somehow slipped onto their schedule and it was renewed for a second season as I think it is a show that can appeal to more than women and also bring in a male audience (in addition to the younger skewing audiences that are drawn to the show).  It is a good counterpoint for those fans of witchcraft shows who don’t want the more graphic nature of SALEM.  I hope they don’t forget to leave the fun in as the show goes in the direction of darker end edgier.


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