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TV show review: CONTINUUM season 4


TV show review by David Blackwell


Premieres 11 p/ 10 pm CT September 11th, 2015 on SyFy

401- LOST HOURS airs Sept 11th

402- RUSH HOUR airs Sept 18th

403- POWER HOUR airs Sept 25th

404- ZERO HOUR airs Oct 2nd


STUDIO: Shaw/ Boy Meets Girl Film Company/ Thunderbird Reunion Pictures/ SyFy

“If no one can trust you, how can you trust you?”


The future is history as several factions struggle to control the course of the future while Kiera Cameron (Rachel Nichols) may finally have her chance to finally get home to her future.   LOST HOURS picks up right at the moment where season 3 ended when soldiers from an alternate future show up after Brad activates the beacon.   Kiera finds herself continuing her unlikely alliance with Liber8 to stop these future soldiers where Kellog is some wise commander in a battle scarred future, but the real issue is trust as friendships and alliances are tested.   The fight for the future is on as the Traveler’s real purpose is revealed (in ZERO HOUR) as one of the characters faces their future self.  Also the future soldiers are building something that may spell trouble for the present as they question whether they can trust Brad given his relationship with Kiera.   The future is in flux as everyone fights for their own version of the future including Alec’s would-be son as it is revealed who Alec was going to get involved with (and I hope that story thread is given satisfying closure given what Alec did to save the woman he loves at the end of season 2 and throughout season 3).


The final episode of CONTINUUM has lots going on as creator Simon Barry faces the challenge of providing a fitting conclusion for one of the most intelligent sci-fi shows on TV along with resolving the storylines from season 3 while also going back to the beginning of the show.  I know there are great challenges in wrapping up four seasons of plans in six episodes along with budgets and actor availability (I wonder if Roger Cross is only in two episodes of the first four due to his roles on other shows like DARK MATTER) in what may feel like a complex chess game.   The only downside of compressing Simon’s plans for the show is that you miss out on the chance for the show to breathe with the occasional standalone episode with the major arc stuff still happening in the subplots and season 4 is very arc driven which means season 4 isn’t for new viewers (track down the first three seasons on DVD and blu-ray).   Kyra Zagorsky (known best for her role in the now cancelled HELIX) joins the cast as one of the future soldiers).  I would have loved to have seen CONTINUUM continue through season 7 like Simon Barry had originally planned and these final six episodes are what there are left to resolve a show I will miss after the final episode airs.  After watching the final two episodes, I will probably go back to watch the show over since the first four episodes of this final six episode season show that this series is going out strong.  The second episode (RUSH HOUR) is better than the first (LOST HOURS) as I believe CONTINUUM is sometimes at its best when it mixes intelligent sci-fi with some of the best action choreography I have seen on any TV show.  CONTINUUM is one of the best sci-fi TV shows you should be watching or even check out on blu-ray.  Season 4 is a gift to fans who stood by the show for the first three seasons and I wish Showcase (the Canadian channel behind the show since SyFy acquires CONTINUUM and doesn’t produce it) would have had the show around for longer instead of a six episode finale to wrap things up.


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