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TV show review: CONTINUUM season 4

Movie review by David Blackwell

110 minutes, rated PG-13
STUDIO:  Summit Entertainment/ Constantin Film/ Impact Pictures/ NEF Productions/ New Legacy Film
Theatrical RELEASE DATE:  10-21-2011

Young D'Artagnan wants to become a musketeer only to find them disbanded.  Cardinal Richelieu is out to incite a war between the British and the French that will give him a chance to take over the government of France.  The Three Musketeers (are recruited by Queen Anne) to go on a mission to get jewels taken by Milday (who betrayed them a year ago by giving plans to an airship to the Duke Buckingham).   They soon find themselves in a fight for their lives as they rush to save Queen Anne from Richelieu's plot to start a war. 

Director Paul W.S. Anderson focuses more on the action that happens in a Musketeer film while adding a steampunk twist.   THE THREE MUSKETEERS is a fun action romp which is interesting to behold in 3D.   The airship battle takes it cue from the starship battle in STAR TREK 2: THE WRATH OF KHAN.    This adaptation of the often adapted novel focuses more on action than political intrigue.  Young King Louis is an inexperience young fool in love with  Queen Anne while D'Artagnan wants to win the heart of Constance (a lady in waiting for the Queen).   THE THREE MUSKETEERS is one of those fun action films you can turn off your brain and enjoy.  If you have watched films by Paul W.S. Anderson, you know what to expect including the ending that sets up a sequel (just like in the RESIDENT EVIL films).   

I enjoy adaptations of books.  The Three Musketeers has been the source of several adaptations.   Each one is a little different and I always feel a movie adaptation should never follow a book to the letter because it is just like saying here is the movie directed by the author and we don't have our own interpretation.   The latest version of THE THREE MUSKETEERS is a steampunk/ period action picture with actors you recognize from other genre related movies and shows.   You even have a little bit of homage to the RESIDENT EVIL series (Milla Jovovich has a close call with some wires).   I would see a sequel if they make one.  First, I want to see the next RESIDENT EVIL film.

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