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TV show review: CONTINUUM season 4


Movie review by David Blackwell


115 minutes, rated PG-13


STUDIO:  Paramount Pictures/ Marvel Studios

Theatrical RELEASE DATE:  5-6-2011

Thor is a brash young man.  He lives in Asgard, one of the two heirs to his father Odin's throne.  He and his brother Loki were raised by Odin (Anthony Hopkins at his scene chewing best)  in a time where a truce is in place between the Frost Giants and Asgard (after Odin claimed the weapon the Frost Giants used to almost destroy the humans on Earth).   After three frost giants try to take back the weapon, Thor takes his warrior friends and Loki to the Frost Giant world to seek answers only to result in Odin banishing Thor to Earth for his actions.   Thor is stripped of his powers and will only reclaim the power of Mjoliner (his hammer) if he does something that makes him worthy of wielding it again.


An astrophysicist (Natalie Portman) discovers Thor when he is sent to Earth and wants answer about the wormhole he went through.  Thor only wants his hammer back which SHIELD have in their possession.   Meanwhile Loki schemes to take over Odin's throne after he discovers the truth about himself.  The question that remains is will Thor get his power back to stop Loki.


THOR is an enjoyable film.  The characters of Thor, Odin, and the guardian of the Rainbow Bridge are standouts in the film along with some other characters being somewhat interesting.   The production design and special effects are amazing.    The two things THOR fall short of are in the character development department and the script (which it seems ASYLUM Entertainment's THE ALMIGHTY THOR has a  somewhat better overall story in parts compared to THOR except I'm not going to touch upon the giant jackals).   Loki comes off as a weak villain.   Earth scenes come off as pointless  even though they keep the movie somehow as you wait for Thor to make his way back to Asgard.  THOR is mainly like a set-up film for THE AVENGERS since Thor will be back in that film and the scene after the credits hints at what may happen.     It is the weakest of the Marvel Universe films.   I just hope the character development and story for CAPTAIN AMERICA (out on July 22, 2011) are better than what we got for THOR.


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