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TV show review: CONTINUUM season 4

Movie review by David Blackwell

106 minutes, rated PG-13
STUDIO:  Universal Pictures/ Media Rights Capital/ Gambit Pictures
Theatrical RELEASE DATE:  3-4-2011

STARRING Matt Damon (David Norris), Emily Blunt (Elise), Terrence Stamp (Thompson)
WRITTEN and DIRECTED by George J Nolfi
adapted from the short story Adjustment Team by Philip K Dick

David Norris has a bright future ahead of him in politics.  He meets the girl of his dreams by chance.   He loses the race and he soon finds out he is part of a plan by a place called the Adjustment Bureau who manipulate the lives of many according to the plan the Chairman (from above) sets for humankind.    The Adjustment Bureau goes to great steps to prevent David and the new love of his life, Elise being together.  they weren't supposed to meet a second time, but they do because a moment isn't adjusted in David's life.   He walks in on the Adjustment Bureau doing their adjustment on one of his co-workers and the bureau levels with David on what they do.   David is determined to find Elise again (he takes the same bus for three years- I call that love).

THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU is adapted from a short story by sci-fi legend Philip K Dick (whose works have been adapted into several other movies including BLADE RUNNER and TOTAL RECALL) called THE ADJUSTMENT TEAM.   It is a metaphysical sci-fi film.   It questions whether we have choice and free will.    It also asks how much does chance play in our lives and what would happen if we discover chance was being manipulated.   How far would we risk to be with someone we love?    

I believe in finding the one I love and so THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU's story and the motivation of David Norris.   The bureau sends in one of their heavy hitters, Thompson (Terrence Stamp), to tear David and Elise apart.  However, one of the bureau has reservations about the Plan for David and he levels with David about it.   The movie sets up it's rules like the bureau can't predict things when you're on water or in the rain.   Uptown New York City is complex to navigate because they have so many short cut doors to choose.   They need to wear special hats to go through doors.   

Matt Damon and Emily Blunt have great chemistry.   You want their characters to be together.   Also the direction is great along with most of the script, but I wish they held off the reveal of the bureau until David stumbles upon them (which they could have done by editing out a few scenes in the first half hour).    Other than that, I loved THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU.    Go see it for a smartly crafted sci-fi film.

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