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Blu-ray Review: MR. HOLMES
Movie Review: SPECTRE


movie review by David Blackwell


148 minutes, rated PG-13

STUDIO: MGM/ Columbia Pictures/ Eon Productions/ Danjaq Inc

US theatrical RELEAS DATE: 11-6-2015

James Bond (Daniel Craig) is on an unofficial mission from the previous M (Judi Dench) to kill Marco Sciarra in Mexico City during Day of the Dead.  It sets off a chain of events as he attends the Sciarra’s funeral, saves Sciarra’s widow (Monica Belucci), and stumbles upon the organization of Spectre where the leader (Christoph Waltz) has ties to James Bond’s past.  The British government security council is thinking of dismantling the 00 program as MI-5 and MI-6 are merging as James Bond tries to figure out what Spectre’s big plan is as he finds it linked back to his recent enemies including the organization Quantum. He must protect the daughter of Mr. White as Bond will come to face one of his most infamous enemies.


SPECTRE does get some things right as the opening sequence in Mexico during Day of the Dead is one of the highlights of this latest James Bond movie before it goes into the opening credits sequence which is full of octopus, smoke, and skull porn as it shows stuff from this movie and the past three films to a new James Bond theme sung by Sam Smith.  I like the lyrics and music to that song, but I wish they got someone better to sing it.  SPECTRE does a good way of tying the previous three movies into the newest movie while playing on the theme of whether James Bond (the blunt instrument) belongs in today’s world of terrorism, drones, and surveillance states (aka George Orwell’s 1984).   SPECTRE does play off sometime like the greatest hits homage to other James Bond movies of the past while trying to be in with the gritty nature of the last three while trying to be more fun like the James Bond movies before Daniel Craig came in to play 007.


SPECTRE isn’t the worst or the best of Bond movies where the best moments of SPECTRE are in the first 90 minutes.  It plays like LICENSE TO KILL which is an entertaining and yet not as impressive follow-up to the movie that came before it (THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS).   The expectations from SKYFALL are so high and the script is a blend of many rewrites and so many cooks in the kitchen. The plot involving Spectre and the reveal of a certain bad guy to be Blofeld could have used more fleshing out since SPECTRE seems like all setup with not enough pay off by movie’s end.   I hope the next James Bond movie (the 25th in the series) can bring out a classic James bond movie whether Daniel Craig returns for one more movie or they cast someone new as 007.   I enjoyed SPECTRE, but I feel a little disappointed by it even though I will see it again at some point.


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