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TV show review: CONTINUUM season 4


Movie review by David Blackwell


92 minutes, rated PG-13

ASPECT RATIO:   2.35:1

Studio:  Universal Pictures/ Relativity Media/ Black Monday Film Services/ Hydraulx/ Rat Entertainment

Theatrical RELEASE DATE:  11-12-2010


WRITTEN by Joshua Cordes and Liam O’Donnell

DIRECTED by Colin & Greg Strauss

SKYLINE looks impressive from the trailers.  It has a concept of what happens when aliens invade and people in a condo building are witness to what the aliens do.  They use light to attract people.  If you stare in the light, the light will take hold and the aliens will take you away.   No matter what the people do, the aliens continue to suck more people up into their ships.  Even the best efforts of the humans to destroy the aliens are for naught.  SKYLINE takes place during three days.


SKYLINE is a mixed bag.   You have another sci-fi film with unlikable leads.   You have the guy who isn’t ready to a father and his girlfriend doesn’t want him to find a way to escape the building.  The guy’s friend is two-timing on his wife with the assistant (where in true cliché fashion, the wife finds pictures of it after looking at the pictures of alien ships on the camera).   SKYLINE has good tension and effects with an alien foe that appears to be very hard to stop.   I could have done without the ending because I want a true nihilistic alien invasion film where we don’t stand much of a chance (the trailer features a warning delivered by Stephen Hawkings as told by newscasters).   Still SKYLINE is a marvel for a $10 million film financed outside of the studio system by the two directors.  The film looks to cost much more than its budget.  I just wish the Strauss Brothers would get better scripts.  I know they can direct and do effects, but a great script would make them stand apart.


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