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Movie review by David Blackwell

139 minutes, Rated PG-13
STUDIO: Warner Bros Pictures/ Amblin Entertainment/ Village Roadshow Pictures
Theatrical RELEASE DATE: 3-29-2018
In 2045, humanity is escaping the desolation of the overpopulated world by living their lives in the virtual game world known as the OASIS created by James Halliday. Halliday left a message after he died leaving a challenge for anyone to collect three keys which will lead them to have control of the OASIS and a fortune of $500 billion. Wade Watts, an 18 year old Gunter (egg hunter) whose virtual avatar is Parzival, lives in the Stacks in Columbus, Ohio. Gunters are quest seekers and their big competition is in the form of a corporation known as IOI (who will do anything to win the game and get the prize). Wade/ Parzival has fellow game players in the quest like Aech, Sho, Daito, and Art3mis (who Wade falls in love at first sight in the OASIS). This team of gUnters work together more and more to solve the clues and get all three keys. They access Halliday’s Journals which virtually recreates Halliday’s memories. IOI’s CEO Nolan Sorrento and his army of Sixers step up the pressure as Parzival and his team of friends get closer and closer.

READY PLAYER ONE is loosely based on the novel by Ernest Cline who wrote the screenplay with Zak Penn. It is a fun visual adventure full of movie, TV, video game, and pop culture references from the last 35 years. It is a love letter to 1980s pop culture along with newer movies and video games. Over 100 references to movies, TV shows, horror character icons, and video games are peppered throughout the movie. The first challenge for the first key is a race which has various vehicles from movies, T shows, comics, and video games. Parzival drives the DeLorean from BACK TO THE FUTURE while Art3mis has the motorcycle from ARIKA. The race has King Kong and the dinosaur from JURASSIC PARK as obstacles. One of the challenges has the players entering the virtual world of Stanley Kubrick’s THE SHINING while a final battle features a variety of characters from the spectrum of movies, TV shows, and video games. There are also fun game weapons like the Zemeckis Cube which allows you to rewind time in the OASSIS by sixty seconds and the Holy Hand Gernade (Monty Python and the Holy Grail). This is a feel good sugar rush from director Steven Spielberg. READY PLAYER ONE is definitely a movie to watch more than once to spot all of the pop culture Easter eggs. IF you want a fun sci-fi adventure movie by the way of TRON meets CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY translated through Steven Spielberg, this is definitely the ticket for you and the movie to watch before the big summer movie season takes off in a few weeks.

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