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TV show review: CONTINUUM season 4

PRIEST (2011)

Movie review by David Blackwell


87 minutes, rated PG-13


STUDIO:   Screen Gems/ Michael De Luca Productions/ Buckaroo Entertainment

Theatrical RELEASE DATE:  5-13-2011


STARRING Paul Bettany (Priest), Karl Urban (Black Hat), Cam Gigandet (Hicks), Maggie Q (Priestess), Lily Collins (Lucy Pace), Christopher Plummer (Monsignor Orelas0

WRITTEN by Cory Goodman, loosely based on the graphic novel by Min-Woo Hyung

DIRECTED by Scott Charles Stewart


In this post-apocalyptic western, the movie moves along at a fast pace.  I do have three problems with PRIEST (other than the needless 3D conversion) before I get to the stuff I liked about it.  One, I wish they showed the war between humans and vampires in live action instead of an animated sequence.  Two, it feels like I am watching the second movie of a series at times.   Three, I wish they did a little back story on the characters at the beginning which is very helpful when you get the big reveal at the end.


Despite all those problems, PRIEST has a very visual world that is very well photographed with a good music score.    Excellent production design and costume design is at work in this film.   The action scenes keep your interest even though some play out too short.    Paul Bettany works with the material given him while I wish there was more screen time for Maggie Q.    PRIEST does set itself up for a sequel.


That does remind me of another problem with the film.  It seems too short.   It is over when you think it could go on.   One reviewer comments that maybe the film was edited down.  PRIEST had several release date changes and delays due to Sony wanting to convert it into 3D (which is wasted on PRIEST).    I do like how the film plays out as a post-apocalyptic action western.   I would love to see another film in this series.   It is an enjoyable B movie with an A level budget in some ways.


PS  The film is very loosely based on the Korean magna.  The magna is a western tale about a singular priest fighting zombies after he sells his soul to the devil.   PRIEST is drastically changed from the magna and only shares very few bits with the magna.  If you're looking for a film version of the magna, look elsewhere.    This isn't it.


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