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Interview by David Blackwell

Pearry Teo is an interesting creative mind.   He is able to create wonderful worlds out of low budgets whether it is a sci-fi cult film like GENE GENERATION starring Bai Ling or the 21st century cousin of HELLRAISER called NECROMENTIA.   He is a visual director you want to watch.   One of his most recent films, WITCHVILLE, just hit DVD back on July 6th while he is currently editing his next film, DEAD INSIDE.

Enterline Media:  Whatever happened to Gene Generation 2?

Pearry Teo:  The executive producers could not settle for a percentage that they were happy amongst each other so the project is officially scrapped until of course, something happens and they want to pursue it with a change of mind.


EM:I find Gene Generation is the type of film people keep finding out about. I discovered it when it first came out and I bought it as a blind buy at Best Buy. I liked the steampunk/ gritty sci-fi look of it. Plus Bai Ling kicking butt is a plus.  Did Gene Generation make money given how the producers are arguing over how much they want? Is Bai Ling asking when the sequel will get made?

PT:  I'm not sure. the producers have their books they monitor. I don't. Yes, Bai Ling is pushing hard for the sequel. We still go out to dinner now and then and talk about things.

EM:  What type of budget do your movies shoot on?

PT: Generally between 400k - 2M depending on what's needed.


EM:  If you directed The Crow remake, what would be the top thing you would do? Definitely to bring back the urban gothic, dark edgy feel that Alex Proyas did in the first film. On the top of the list, I would bring back the industrial music artists that define our century as the artists (like The Cure / NIN) defined our last century. And I think all the crow sequels have forgotten what the real heart of the film is about 'Love Never Dies'. Simply somebody dying with a loved one doesn't make it sad. We have to remember why people are important to us, not just say 'I love him / her'. relationships and how they are defined before their death is extremely important.

EM: The first Crow is the best. The only things I like about the second film are the visuals and some of the music where the story was meh. Did you see the Crow TV series?

PT:  Yes, saw the Crow TV series. Talk about a miss / fail point! I love how he can change at will and things happen in the day?! Sorry... what about Devil's Night?


EM:  The Crow TV series had it's ups and downs. I think it hit more on the mark than the Crow movie sequels. I also liked Bobbie Phillips as the female Crow. Still I'm not entirely convinced that Bradley Cooper can play Eric Draven in the upcoming remake (or second adaptation of the excellent comic book)- still I do like the director's work in 28 Weeks Later. it's wait and see with Bradley Cooper. I'm more worried about The highlander remake (which got it mostly wrong with the sequels even though I do like the renegade version of Highlander 2 and most of the first five seasons of the TV series were great).

PT:  I thought bradley did a great job in midnight meat train. He plays dramatic roles well. But you're right, we'll have to see

EM:  true. I did like Bradley in A-Team and Limitless- it proved he was more than the nice guy he played on Alais

EM:  As for directors people sometime swish would go away- I think some people wish Uwe Boll would go away (director of BloodRayne, House Of The Dead, In The Name Of The King). What do you think of his offer to box critics who give him bad reviews?

PT:  As for Uwe Boll, he is trying. He may have made some really crappy movies, but they have been getting better and better. This shows that he is learning and has a desire to learn. The way I see it, if you don't like his movies, don't buy it or don't watch it. The more people watch it, the more movies he will make. At least there is enough people watching it that he can have a career on his own.

EM: Why should people check out your next film?

PT:   I never ask people to check it out. But I definitely do try to come up with something different that we all can enjoy. Something I feel is lacking in films and movies today. Let's hope that people can agree with me.

EM:  What are your favorite movies? 

PT:  City of Lost Children, Dark City, Old Boy, A Clockwork Orange are some of the top on my list.

EM: Last good movie you have seen?

PT: Unthinkable on DVD. Avatar in the movie theater. Both very well written and well executed.

EM:  What is the worst movie you have seen in the last 12 months? 

PT: Dear god, there's so many. I watch one movie a day at home so to tell you which ones are bad is going to be tough. There's so many levels of 'bad' I don't even know where to begin. Hahaha.


EM:  Do you read comics and what comic books are you are reading?

PT:  I prefer reading novels. In my line of work, I think it's more important to know how characters think and react to situations and I feel novels are able (in a much broader medium) able to convey that as opposed to quick comic book panels where action takes the more prevalent stance against human nature.


EM: What novels did you last read?

PT:  Last Novel I read was Geek Love by Katherine Dunn. This is probably the 6th time I'm reading it though. In terms of new novels, Shikasta: Colonised Planet 5. It was recommended to by Shawnee Smith, the star of the Saw movies.

EM:  What directors do you like the most and is there any director you wish would go away?

PT:  I definitely love Jean Pierre.  Jeunet the most. He's always come up with movies that I enjoy. Of course, in terms of commercial directors, JJ Abrams is my favorite. I don't wish any director away. Nobody wants to make a bad film, but I can tell you in every film, there's a million circumstances that make it impossible for you to have your way, so I understand what a lot of them have to go through. We continue to fight with what we have and hope for the best.


EM:  Will there be a sequel to Necromentia? 

PT:  I would love to make a sequel to Necromentia. But I know producers were not happy about the returns of the movie and until it makes a profit in probably another year, we'll have to wait and see. I have my ideas on it already.


EM:  also what are your thoughts on the Hellraiser films?

PT:  No comment on Hellraiser movie. Though, I'd love if they gave me a stab at making it :)


EM:  But what are your thoughts on the original films? I love the first two. the third was OK. Number 4 is a mess. 5 and 6 are good while 7 and 8 are train wrecks. Too bad Helloween with Pinhead and Michael Myers didn't get made which would have seen John Carpenter and Clive Barker join forces for a movie.

PT:  I think the cenobites are the most amazing creatures to grace the screens. I'm heavily inspired by the works of clive barker in my work. In my next film, it's probably even more obvious.


EM:  Witchville is out on DVD this July. What are the things you remember most from making that movie?
PT:   For Witchville, it was definitely the experience of outdoor shooting. Hiking up mountains and rough terrains to get our shots. It was breathtaking. We shot it in remote parts of china, so being exposed to culture there is quite something as well. 

EM:  When is your next movie expected to come out?

PT:   Not sure when Dead Inside is coming out. we are hoping to finish by November.

EM:  How did a documentary on Necromentia come about? It's very interesting that people are making one and I hope it is worth seeing since ialways love a good behind-the-scenes featurette of documentary.

PT:  The documentary of Necromentia was suggested by a couple of people here in Tucson, AZ. My producer of Necromentia thought it was a good idea to do it and is helping them in the process. Since I'm so busy with my work, I told them I'd lend them some interview time but it's going to be tough for me to monitor it all. Maybe I should....

EM:  Speaking of DVD extras, what DVD or blu-ray you have watched have the best extras? I think my favorite has to be the five disc BLADE RUNNER set with the KINGDOM OF HEAVEN Director's Cut as one of the runner ups.

PT:  as far as DVD extras, I have not seen much extras. I usually watch the movies right now. I try to watch one movie a day so that doesn't leave me much time to get into the extras. I usually rent all the DVDs from blockbuster. There's nothing like walking around the store and looking at cover art and browsing. I much prefer it to Netflix. It helps that I can look at other customers who are in the store and check out their reactions to certain movies as well.

Enterline Media:  I want to thank Pearry Teo for doing this interview and I can't wait to see what he directs next.  

This interview was done through Facebook during June and July of 2011.  This interview is (c)July 2011 David Blackwell and cannot be reprinted without permission.  send all comments to feedback@enterline-media.com