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TV show review: CONTINUUM season 4
Movie review by David Blackwell

Agent J (Will Smith)and Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) are still at it with their job as Men in Black as they enforce the aliens from causing trouble for Earth and the human race.   One of Agent K's old enemies, Boris "the Animal" escapes from the Lunar Max, K is in trouble as he disappears from the current timeline and J has to time travel back to the day before K originally captured Boris (and severed his arm).   J pairs up with the younger version of K (Josh Brolin) to stop not one, but two versions of Boris (as the race is on to save the future of the human race).

MEN IN  BLACK 3 is in line with the other two films even though Tommy Lee Jones takes a back seat to Josh Brolin for most of the film (Josh does a good version fo a young K).   It is amusing to see Andy Warhol is actually a Men in Black agent in disguise in addition to all of the retro Men In Black tech and the 1960s looking aliens.  

However, MEN IN BLACK 3 is playing the same tune as the previous sequel.  It has the weak story of how did K become so grumpy and not very talkative.   The aliens don't get as much facetime like they did in the previous films.   The third film walks through the usual connect the dot story points and that alien who can see various possible futures annoys me. He really annoys me.   Hearing about K's past is better than showing it.   MEN IN BLACK 3 just comes up with not the best script to tell about the history of K and J's trip into the past.  I wish the sequel had more fun instead of feeling like it is a summer blockbuster going through the motions.  It is enjoyable on one watch, but I think it loses the fun after you have seen it once.  Wait for Blu-ray and DVD.  Save your money for better summer films.

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