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TV show review: CONTINUUM season 4
LOST GIRL Season 5 (The Final Season)

Review by David Blackwell


201- LIKE HELL Part 1 April 17, 2015 10/ 9 pm CT

202- LIKE HELL Part 2 April 24,2015 10/ 9 pm CT


STUDIO: SyFy/ Showcase/ Prodigy Pictures/ Shaw Media

Bo (Anna Silk) goes into Valhalla (which isn’t what you expect it to be because it seems like heaven in true LOST GIRL fashion) to get Kenzi (Ksenia Solo) back only to be dragged into part of a wedding and meeting her stepmother in another part of the underworld.   The results end up with a mysterious spirit coming back to haunt Lauren and the balance being upset by Bo’s decision in the first episode.   By the end of the second episode, the balance of the show’s dynamic is changed as I wonder how we will deal with the change, but thankfully it isn’t like the fourth season premiere without Bo.   Bo is the center of the show, but the dynamic of the show is changed when you take one of the main characters out of it.   The final season is going to be some of the usual episodes while Bo will probably have to face her father who is Hades himself.


Season 5 starts off strong with two episodes better than the start of season 4.  It will be interesting to see Tamzin’s journey as she continues to help Bo and I hope they don’t do away with Dyson (since he is my third favorite character behind Bo and Kenzi).  The fifth season has good follow-up from the previous seasons.   I am going to miss LOST GIRL when the show is over as the journey of Bo the succubus is coming to a close.  She and many of the other characters feel like family in a way.   The first two episodes are the beginning of the end and I hope fans go back to watch the previous seasons to enjoy the show about the unaligned succubus and her journey along the way.


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