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TV show review: CONTINUUM season 4

movie review by David Blackwell
116 minutes, rated R
STUDIO:   Ominlab Media/ Ambience Entertainment/ Current Entertainment/ Film Victoria/ Open Road Films
Theatrical RELEASE DATE:  9-23-2011
STARRING Jason Statham, Clive Owen, Robert DeNiro, Dominic Purcell
WRITTEN by Gary McKendry and Matt Sherring, 
based on the non-fiction book, THE FEATHER MEN
DIRECTED by Gary McKendry

Jason Staham and Clive Owen is a dream pairing made in movie heaven.  Throw Robert De Niro in there too and KILLER ELITE should have been a really fun film.   Instead we get a few good action scenes, too little screen time between Statham and Owen as Owen's character, Spike, looks to stop Danny (Statham) from caring out his mission.   Danny is forced to kill three ex-SAS men who killed a few sons of the leader of Yemen in exchange for the freedom of Danny's mentor, Hunter (De Niro).    It is the early 1980s where a secretive group of ex-military men and businessmen called the Feather Men look to control the oil in the Middle East.   The mission starts out pretty simple as to get filmed confessions and make the killings look like accidents.   Soon Danny finds it sin't so easy as he finds the Feather Men are on his trail.

KILLER ELITE should be an interesting thriller which is based on a non-fiction book, but instead it takes the background facts that are the basis for everything going on in the world (at the time) and turn it into a so-so action drama.    We don't get to know enough about Danny, Hunter, or Spike.  The film starts with the moment where Danny decides to quit and goes from there.  You get flashbacks of his life from where he left being a special forces killer to where he is forced to do the mission to save Hunter.   It revolves around a woman he falls in love with and you get the usual relationship cliches played to better effect in other movies.  You see brief glimpses into the personal life of Spike and Hunter mentions a little about his life (without showing us anything).  

The film drags at points until you get to the next action set piece.  Clive Owen and Jason Statham spend too little time together in the film.   I hope another film utilizes them together more than the KILLER ELITE did so too briefly (the chair fight is even too brief).   Jason Statham, Robert De Niro, and Clive Owen do their best with what the screenplay gives them.    Robert De Niro mostly plays the damsel in distress role and I would have loved to have seen a couple of flashbacks to the missions him and Danny were on together.  Instead, KILLER ELITE isn't the best movie for any of the talent involved and yet it is neither the worst they have been involved in during their careers.  Wait for the DVD or Blu-ray.

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