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Why did you pick Wonder Woman?
-I felt it was subject matter that had been seriously maligned and I felt no one had done the subject justice. The 1980's TV show is horribly outdated, but still sacrosanct to a lot of fans, mainly older men, I wanted to make something that would appeal to a younger audience specifically women. I wanted a Wonder Woman who would appeal to the generation that weren't born when the show was on TV.
How long did it take to film?
-Two days main unit, one day of pick ups.
What type of camera did you use?
-Sony fs700

Have you got any job offers yet because of the trailer?
-A lot of meetings.
Why do you think it is difficult for
Hollywood to actually make a Wonder Woman movie?
-You have a vague concept that has been rethought and re-imagined a number of times, it will take someone with the creativity to do it correctly, or at least in a way that works with today’s audiences. You have to make a decision is this to titillate middle aged men, or to give empowerment to young women, it's tough to do both, the last few versions have tried to do both, and failed miserably with both.

Any tips for people making low budget film or no-budget film?

-Plan it thoroughly and design it around your assets, I knew Nina, and all the cast were pals, my producer Hugh is into the reenacting game, and knew all those cats.

What are your favorite movies?
-I love various directors’ work at various stages - but I'll give you some K's - Kazan, Kurosawa, Kobayashi and Kubrick.
What is the last good movie you saw?
-I watched Hansel and Gretel with my youngest daughter, she snuck past the ticket puncher inside my coat (we did buy the ticket), she's only six. She cheered and laughed out loud through the whole film, it was really an interactive experience, she roared in support, when Gretel head butted Peter Stormare. It was so much fun. I wanted Wonder Woman to have that visceral effect on her.  I enjoyed My Week With Marilyn, I was a third AD at Pinewood Studios many moons ago, so it was familiar in many respects. I loved the Bond movie, Skyfall, thought it was great - silly done beautifully.

What is the last bad movie you saw?
-I don't sit through bad movies, I can tell very quickly, I had to watch one recently, it came from my management, to watch a client's work, it was brutal, I don't have much patience, but I won't name it here.


this interview is (c)4-14-2013 Dvid Blackwell (interview done via the internet in March 2013).  send all comments to feedback@enterline-media.com


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