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TV show review: CONTINUUM season 4

HELIX Season 2 premiere

Review by David Blackwell


Episode 201- San Jose (Jan 16 at 10/9 pm CT)

STUDIO: Sony Pictures Television/ Muse Entertainment/ SyFy

The doctors of the Centers for Disease Control are still haunted by the Narvik outbreak and the events that took place at Artic Biosystems.   At the beginning of season 2, the CDC team is investigating a deadly new outbreak on a Windjammer cruise ship which leads them to St. Germaine, a mysterious and private uncharted island in the Pacific Northwest.  The team is consisting of Dr. Peter Farragut (Neil Napier), Dr. Sarah Jordan (Jordan Hayes), and new team member Dr. Kyle Sommer (Matt Long) who is from Texas and they don’t go tot the bathroom without a gun (his form of a sense of humor).  Dr. Alan Farragut (Billy Campbell) splintered off on his own rogue operation to investigate Ilaria, the company behind Artic Biosystems, and he hasn’t been seen by Sarah Jordan or the CDC for a year.  


The second season looks to take place on St. Germaine as the CDC investigate a new outbreak while trying to deal with the head of a mysterious religious order, Brother Michael (Steven Weber).   Brother Michael is suspicious of outsiders and wants to preserve the utopia of his abbey at any cost.  Meanwhile, Dr. Julia Walker (Kyra Zagorsky) arrives on the island at some point and I figure the new season will also follow that thread too.   This new season follows the same format of one episode equals a day and taking place mostly in one central location where I hope at some point that they will open up HELIX as the CDC team have to deal with an outbreak instead of stopping one from getting out into the world at general.   I generally loved the first season and hope the second season surprised me like some of the twists they throw in the second season premiere.


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