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TV show review: CONTINUUM season 4


Movie Review by David Blackwell


132 minutes, rated PG-13


STUDIO:  Paramount Pictures/ Skydance Productions/ Bad Robot

Theatrical RELEASE DATE:  12-16-2011 (IMAX)/ 12-20-2011 (wide release)


STARRING Tom Cruise (Ethan Hunt), Simon Pegg (Benji Dunn), Jeremy Renner (William Brandt), Paula Patton (Jane Carter), Michael Nyqvist (Kurt Hendricks)

DIRECTED by Brad Bird

MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE- GHOST PROTOCOL starts with an IMF agent (played by Josh Holloway of LOST fame) who is being chased and ends up getting killed by a female assassin.   Soon IMF agents Benji Dunn and Jane Cater are breaking Ethan hunt out of a Russian prison.   He is given a mission to break into the Kremlin to get the identity of a person of interest code named Cobalt who wants stolen Russian missile codes.   Before Ethan knows, he and his team are set up for the bombing of the Kremlin and the whole IMF is disavowed through Ghost Protocol (and Ethan branded as a traitor).   Ethan and his team in addition to a former field agent, William Brandt, are racing against the clock to prevent nuclear war and clear the name of the IMF.   They are on their way to such locales as Dubai and Mumbai.


MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE- GHOST PROTOCOL is an energetic action film.   It flows like visual poetry mixed with some dashes of humor.    I like the team dynamic is there even more than the last MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE film.   The sequences in Dubai are the action highlights of the film and the climax in no way tops that.   MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE- GHOST PROTOCOL is an excellent live action debut from Brad Bird (who previously directed three animated films).   Cruise is at ease and in his element when the action scenes are flowing while Simon Pegg is welcome comic relief.   It is sad that Josh Holloway (Sawyer on LOST) has only a small part in this movie.


MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE- GHOST PROTOCOL is every bit as good as the last MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE film.  If a fifth film is made and as good as this one, I eagerly await the fun and the action of that film.   It is rare for a fourth film in a series to be as good or as better as the films that came before it, but MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE- GHOST PROTOCOL delivers the good and comes closer and closer to the dynamics of the IMF team in the MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE TV series.   If you want a great action film for this time of the year, go see this one now.


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