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TV show review: CONTINUUM season 4


Review of the first two episodes by David Blackwell


Premieres Sunday June 22nd at 10 pm ET/PT


402- THE EYE (June 29)


STUDIO: TNT TV/ Amblin Television


FALLING SKIES always undergoes a transformation with each season.  At the end of the fourth season, the Mason family and the remains of the 2nd Mass reject the offer from the Volm to be safe in Brazil and continue their fight against the Espheni.  At the start of the fourth season, they come under attack from the Espheni and end up being divided.   Dr. Ann Glass (Moon Bloodgood), the mother of a daughter who isn’t entirely human, fights a new guerilla war with some of the soldiers who weren’t captured.   Meanwhile, Tom Mason and some of the others find themselves imprisoned within Charleston by the Espheni.   Tom and Ann’s rapidly growing daughter exhibits new powers and her relationship in the fight against the Espheni becomes murky while Tom’s youngest ends up in a training school of kids as the Espheni try to brainwash them in believing in an alliance between human and the Espheni (that reminds one of the Hitler youth/ the Soviet Union).


Tom plans an escape beyond the energy field that surrounds Charleston as he also makes the Espheni believe he is in a cell while also being the vigilante Ghost who fights against the aliens who prey on select human prisoners.  Meanwhile, John Pope (Colin Cunningham) becomes all about himself again and people within the 2nd Mass and the Mason family work to get him to work with them again.  The first two episodes are all about planning an escape and finding out the new game plan that the Espheni has for the humans and Earth while the Volm become less concerned about Earth where Cochise (Doug Jones- the Volm ally- is aware of new plans by the Espheni to conquer Earth.   The fourth season brings new questions and makes you wonder what thye have planned for the Mason family and the 2nd Mass as they are alone except for a few Volm left behind  that might them anew in their struggle against the enemy their share.


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