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TV show review: CONTINUUM season 4


Pilot review by David Blackwell


Premieres June 19th at 9 pm ET/ 8 pm CT on SyFy

Sequel to the movie LEGION

STUDIO: SyFy/ Universal Cable Productions/ Bold Films/ Film Afrika

DOMINION starts 25 years after the battle between angels and humans started in Legion.  Humanity has hidden behind fortified cities and one of them is Vega (formerly known as Las Vegas).   Two house vie for power in Vega that one of the heads, David Whele, (played by Anthony Stewart Head) plans a wedding between his son William and Claire Riesen (the heir apparent to Vega and the lover of Alex).   Alex Lannon wants to run off with Claire, but he also has a bigger role planned in the coming battle as the Chosen One as foreseen by Archangel Michael (the only good angel).   Archangel Gabriel is assembling an army of lower angels in this post-apocalyptic future.


DOMINION sounds like a great concept on paper, but I hope the series is better than the awful pilot.  The only saving grace is Anthony Stewart Head.  The two lead female actors look beautiful, but Michael seems to have world class angel problems as Senator Becca Thorne (his bisexual lover played by Rosalind Halstead) wants him to join in with the sex games with her and other women.   Michael has Catholic guilt and wants to get back to being a pure angel while Gabriel still wants to get rid of the humans (including using low level angels to possess humans).   DOMINION is full of flawed characters and a reluctant hero, but the series is going to have to make up for the bad soap opera that the pilot ended up being.  The pilot doesn’t really compel me as the caste system of Vega and the religion overtones come off as badly written.   I think I rather have seen a TV series based on the movie PRIEST than seeing a movie based off LEGION (which isn’t a bad movie and it is a superior work compared to the pilot episode of DOMINION).   I hope the show gets better, but I won’t miss it if SyFy cancels it if future episodes play out like the pilot.


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