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TV show review: CONTINUUM season 4

DOMINION Episode 201

Review by David Blackwell



July 9th at 10/ 9 pm CT on SyFy

The second season premiere of DOMINION is set to expand the universe of the show which just seemed too constricted by just being mostly in Vega for the first season.  It introduces a couple of new places (a God fearing town of Mallory which is mysterious untouched by the war between human and angels and New Delphi which Alex (Christopher Egan) and Nomi (Kim Engelbrecht) start their journey to after the cliffhanger is resolved).  Nomi is revealed to be pregnant which likely makes Alex the baby daddy of two kids in hush-hush relationships (with the other being with Claire Riesen).  Archangel Michael(Tom Wisdom) ends up in Mallory while Claire Riesen  (Roxanne McKee) struggles to control Vega as the Lady of the city while David Whele (Anthony Stewart Head) wants to keep the lower classes in their place (and build his base of power by any means). 


This first episode sets the stage for what is bound to reach out through the second season and this opening episode is a better episode than the pilot episode.   I found the first season of DOMINION to be frustrating where it couldn’t decide where whether it wanted to be a post-apocalyptic drama or an oversexed soap opera with evil angels.  I hope separating the cast leads to continued new drama.  The cast is great and Anthony Stewart Head shines as David Whele whenever he is on screen.   It isn’t one of my favorite shows on SyFy by any means, but I am willing to see where the second season will go to find out if DOMINION has found a better balance as a show while I wait for SyFy to schedule the final season of CONTINUUM. 


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