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TV show review: CONTINUUM season 4


Review of the first three episodes by David Blackwell


Season 2 premiers on Thursday June 19th at 8 pm Eastern / 7 pm  Central





Season 2 of Defiance picks up nine months after the first season left off with the town of Defiance under the control of the Earth Republic.  James Murray is the new town mayor, Pottinger, who rules the town with somewhat of an iron fist which Amanda Rosewater (Julie Benz) is trying to blunt to save the people of Defiance from his wrath.   A rebellion against the Earth Republic in the town is quietly brewing.  Meanwhile, Datak Tarr (Tony Curran) is in a new prison miles outside of Defiance.  He waits for his wife Stahma (Jaime Murray) to get him out, but she has other plans as he wants to take control of the Tarr criminal empire because their son Alak (Jesse Rath) might never be up to the task of running the family crime empire.


Meanwhile, Nolan (Grant Bowler) searches for Irisa (Stephanie Leonidas), but he will bring back the dangerous secret in her back to Defiance when he finds her.   The first three episodes of season three lays the groundwork for the story arcs of the season.   The final scene of THE CORD AND THE AX shows Datak still has major anger issues that got him into trouble in the first place while his wife is the more dangerous and cunning one in the Tarr family.  Also Amanda is back running the Need Want while she has fallen onto drug addiction and hopes for the return of her sister who was murdered by the Stahma Tarr (and I wonder when that little secret will get out).


Season 2 of DEFIANCE is all about consequences and the effects the characters actions have on other events.   The first three episodes are s stronger cohesive whole compared to the beginning of the first season which faltered a little after a great pilot episode.   I do wish SyFy would air the thirty minute THE LOST ONES which is comprised of six mini-episodes as it tells the tale of how Nolan met Irisa as he searches for her in this prequel tale to season 2.  Instead, THE LOST ONES is available online or via OnDemand services with no regular TV airing in sight.   The first episode opens up the world of DEFIANCE as you see Nolan travel to Chicago and what once was Los Angeles.  Irisa starts having glimpses of what is in store for the humans who remain on Defiance and the true purpose of the alien ships that came to Earth.  Defiance is now under the watchful cameras of the Earth Republic who has installed cameras everywhere and turned the town into a surveillance state.  I want to see where season 2 will take the viewers and what surprises and info will be revealed.   Season 2 has tons of promise and I want to see if it can hold onto that promise to take us on an interesting ride.


This review is 6-15-2014 David Blackwell and cannot be reprinted without permission.  Send all comments to feedback@enterline-media.com