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TV show review: CONTINUUM season 4


Movie review by David Blackwell


153 minutes, rated PG-13, 3D

STUDIO:  Paramount Pictures/ Dreamworks

Theatrical RELEASE DATE:  6-29-2011

The Autobots are helping the NEST team to solve human problems while looking for signs that the Deceptions have returned.   A trip to Chernobyl reveals to the Autobots that the Russians and Americans have been to the moon to retrieve samples from a crashed Autobot ship called the Ark (that was thought lost after it was seen fleeing Cybertron in the last days of the robot wars between Autobots and Decepticons.   Meanwhile, Sam Witwicky has problems finding a job and engages in a rivalry with his sexy new girlfriend's boss (who knows more about the Decepticons than anyone knows).   Soon Sam finds that everyone involved in the American moon missions are being eliminated one by one by the Decepticons as the Autobots and Sam race to discover what the Decepticons are planning.


The TRANSFORMERS films have usually been about robots creating destruction and fighting other robots.   The third film does have a good set-up about the real reason for the manned missions to the moon and the Deceptions having people who willingly collaborate with them.  However, it seems with each sequel that the story keeps making up new elements because I just wonder why didn't the Deceptions hatch this plan back in the first sequel to create a space bridge.  Soundwave is the coolest Transformer in the film while Megatron is again sidelined for too much of the film while you have another bad guy for Optimus Prime to fight against.  Sam Witwicky again isn't very useful to the plot and he has a new girlfriend (bye bye Megan Fox) who Michael Bay knowingly acknowledges as eye candy by the way he films her.   


Did we really need Sam's parents in the film and his search for a  job in addition to his rivalry with his girlfriend's boss?  Not really.  I rather have the plot just be about the Transformers.   I'm here to watch the TRANSFORMERS movies for them and not the human drama.   If they do any additional TRANSFORMERS films, I hope the focus is shifted more to knowing about the Autobots and Decepticons.   We hardly know much about the Transformers besides what is needed to advance the plot and the sequels seem to retcon the Transformers history mroe and more.   I also wish the sequels had less goofiness in them in addition to having the transformers be more interesting (I'm in up in arms to what they did to Jetfire in REVENGE OF THE FALLEN.   They still have some comic relief robots which they could use less of.   I do have high hopes that Michael Bay will not be involved in the next film and they can get down to writing better stories that will make me expect more than robots smashing robots and causing lots of destruction.


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