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Blu-ray review: ALLEGIANT
TV Show Review: DARK MATTER and KILLJOYS season 2
Blu-ray Review: THE MARTIAN Extended Edition


TV show review by David Blackwell


Airing Fridays on SyFy after KILLJOYS at 10/ 9 pm CT


The crew of the Raza find themselves as prisoners on a high security prison on a moon.   Three of the crew members (Portia, Marcus Boone, and) plan an escape form the prison (think of it as DARK MATTER’s take on prison films and sci-fi movies like FORTRESS).  Meanwhile, Six feels justified in turning the crew into the Galactic Authority while forces plan to get rid of the crew of the Raza.  A GA officer, Commander Shaddick (Franka Potente) wants answer on the deaths of 15,000 people at the end of one of the episodes late in season one


The first two episodes of DARK MATTTER sets up the start of the season to resolve some questions left by the anticlimactic season one finale.  The first season two episode has a shocking ending (by killing off one of the main characters) while the first episode also introduces some new characters to the DARK MATTER universe.   An old associate shows up in the second episode.  DARK MATTER shakes up the status quo of the show while also getting back to the status quo.   Marcus Boone learns about prison work and the system of how things work inside the prison.  I hope DARK MATTER can recapture what I loved about the first season before throwing some of it away with the cliffhanger of season one.   I thought KILLJOYS has better world building than DARK MATTER does.  I do have some characters I love in the show like Boone, the android,



TV show review by David Blackwell


Airing Fridays on SyFy at 9/ 8 pm CT


KILLJOYS is a fun show with some humor as the first episode proves while also resolving one cliffhanger from season one and bringing up some new questions.  The first episode picks up just days after the season one finale as the Killjoys Dutch and Johnny look to rescue D’avin.  The second episode starts to explore what happened to Old Town since the end of season one.   KILLJOYS continue to be a layered sci-fi action show which still builds its universe more than DARK MATTER.  The first episode of the new season introduces a female character (with a gun arm which sounds so Japanese sci-fi) who could return in the future while giving more layers to Khlyen as the story makes it look like there are people that Dutch needs protecting from and Khlyen might not be the bad guy he appears to be.   D’avin’s situation of being back in the ranks of the Killjoys is quickly resolved in the second episode before getting down to business of getting into Old Town on a warrant.   The second episode doesn’t waste time with storytelling like the first episode of the new season (I liked Pree getting in on the killjoy action). Also watch for the introduction of the new big bad, company fixer Jelco, who isn’t a really nice guy by what he decides to do later in the episode.  They manage to touch on a bigger arc while telling a story that new viewers can drop themselves into  I wonder where the other eight episodes will go as the Killjoy teams may end up with some off-the-book warrants while seeing what Khlyen’s real game is and who are the mysterious bad guys that he saved D’Avin from.


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