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TV show review: CONTINUUM season 4


Review by David Blackwell


US AIRDATE: April 4th on SyFy


Season three brings about another major shift in the storyline of CONTINUUM as the actions by Alec going back in the past by one week to prevent the death of his girlfriend.   It also brings into play Kiera having to make a choice whether she should trust and work for the Freelancers who are discovered to be a centuries old organization that has vowed to maintain the current status of the time continuum whether Liber8, Kiera, or Alec likes it or not.   This episode isn’t a stand out like the pilot episode of the season two premiere, but I think it all depends on how the rest of the third season plays out since this first season three episode is just the staging point for the things yet to come.  


Alec’s actions creates the possibility of two Kieras and two Alecs existing at the same time while his actions dramatically changes what originally happened in the last two episodes of season two which causes a reset of sorts which only a time travel show like CONTINUUM could get away with. This reset create yet another timeline where Kiera must balance out her choices in whether it is right to stop Alec or continue on with her mission to get back to the future. The Freelancers have stated that Alec has created a bigger problem than even Kiera and Liber8 were to the Freelancers as the state of the timeline is at stake. It will be interesting to see how the third season will play out as creator Simon Barry has always intended to have each season of the show through in a tidal wave that shifts the story in a way to future explore the mythology of the series and the effects of changing the present has on the future of 2077 and the characters in young Alec’s time.

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