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TV show review: CONTINUUM season 4

movie review by David Blackwell

83 minutes, rated PG-13
STUDIO:  20th Century Fox/ Davis Entertainment
Theatrical RELEASE DATE:  2-3-2012

CHRONICLE looks better from the trailer.  What you end up with is a found footage version of UNBREAKABLE.  It revolves around three high school boys who find a hole and touch some glowing crystals.  These crystals gives them the increasing ability to move objects with their mind and to fly.   One of these three teenagers, Andrew,  is chronicling the events with a video camera.   He even learns to move the camera around in the air as his power grows and his emotional problems increase.   

CHRONICLE tries to be a found footage movie, a drama about a teenage with issues, and a superhero drama.   I wish the movie had a real bad guy instead of the teenagers turning into enemies of each other.  Andrew is painted as an outsider where he has an abusive drunk father and a sick mother plus hardly any friends except the cousin he barely hangs with.  He doesn't get with the girls and his attempts at getting some ends in disappointment and ridicule.   He starts to spiral more out of  control since he gained these new abilities.   The movie eventually comes to a big battle climax where more video cameras start to capture the action.  In the end, CHRONICLE showed promise and ended up as a tired cliched failure.

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