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TV show review: CONTINUUM season 4

BREAKING DAWN Part 1 (2011)
Movie review by David Blackwell
117 minutes, rated PG-13
STUDIO:  Summit Entertainment/ Sunswept Entertainment/ Temple Hill Entertainment
Theatrical RELEASE DATE:  11-18-2011

Bella and Edward are going to get married.  When they get married, Edward then whisks her off to a private getaway on island off Brazil.   Edward worries he will hurt Bella while making love to her.   He ends up getting her pregnant.  This pregnant is accelerated and it risks killing Bella.  When Jacob hears what the baby is doing to Bella, he must choose sides as the werewolves want to kill Bella's unborn child and the Cullen family of vampires.

BREAKING DAWN Part 1 is the first part of the final novel.   It is setting the stage for the big climax of the Twilight series which has enthralled millions of Twilight fans.   This entry in the series focuses more on the drama while showing the conflicts that arise that lead to characters taking sides as Bella's condition goes downhill.    Sometimes BREAKING DAWN Part 1 is bad that it is funny and sometimes it drags the drama out too much (Did they really need to the final book into two movies?!).   Also I wonder what did they do to Alice's hair?  She looks too pixielike where I liked her hair better in the previous three films.

On a thematic level, Edward keeps asking like a repressed Catholic who shuns sex and worry if having sex with Bella (and turning her) will damn Bella.  Stephanie Meyers is a Mormon, but religion seems to influence the behaviors of Bella and Edward as their relationship seems so chaste before they get married.  After the marriage, Edward seems to be the pained mood killer at times,  Jacob pines for the woman he can never (Bella) while he dreams of killing Edward if Bella dies.   The TWILIGHT movies seem to say sex is bad and the sometimes fun life of a vampire can be a curse which can kill people.  Also it seems to say unprotected sex can lead to unexpected consequences when you think someone can't get you pregnant.  Also Edward seems to strongly hold on the pained lover persona as he wants to be doomed if Bella is gone from his life.

Now for the spoilers.  Stop reading if you haven't seen the movie or read the books.  Also make sure you stay for the bonus scene during the end credits.  

The bonus scene sets the stage for BREAKING DAWN Part 2 in what I term as the cheesy thumb twirling villain moment with the Volturi.

Also I wasn't aware vampires got instant boob jobs when they turned.  It seems when the chest rose in the scene in question, It seemed like the boobs of the character got bigger.   Still I feel like Twilight Fans may differ as I make fun of the scene.  I have no issue with the request of the scene.  Just that one little bit with the chest rising up and filling out.

BREAKING DAWN Part 1 isn't the best of the movie series.  I think ECLIPSE captured the essence of the characters and story the best.  TWILIGHT is also a level above BREAKING DAWN Part 1 and NEW MOON.   ECLIPSE is also the best directed of the TWILIGHT SAGA.  I felt BREAKING DAWN Part 1 was a little too drawn out and it would have been better to adapt BREAKING DAWN as one movie instead of two movies.  I just have to see if I'm right when BREAKING DAWN Part 2 is released next summer.

this movie review is (c)11-18-2011 David Blackwell and cannot be reprinted without permission.  send all comments to feedback@enterline-media.com