Interview: Warren Ellis (2003)

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This interview was done via email on 12-29-2003.  It kept slipping through the cracks until now.  Warren Ellis is a comics writer on the same level as Alan Moore, Grant Morrison, and Garth Ennis.   He has worked in comics for many years and recent works include DESOLATION HJONES, FELL, NEXT WAVE, and the upcoming DOKTOR SLEEPLESS  He has a novel also coming out in July called CROOKED LITTLE VEIN with a second novel in the works.  He is an insanely busy guy with a weekly column for Rueters, an online presence through his Bad Signal mailings, Live Journal, MySpace, and his own message board community called THE ENGINE. 

Enterline Media:   What are the most visually distrubing or crazy movies you have ever seen?

Warren Ellis:  Takashi Miike's films will always fuck you up -- AUDITION and
VISITOR Q especially, with ICHI THE KILLER a close third.

EM:   What is the best advice you can offer to anyone who is writing a comic book proposal?


WE:  Forget it.  You're doomed.  Failing that, keep it short.  Don't give them any excuse to ignore you.  Your first paragraph has to be an absolute killer.

EM:.   What is the strangest dream you had?

Can you remember your dreams?  I never can, except the dirty ones.  I wonder what that means.

EM:   What movies are you waiting for next year and wish ones you think will be a piece of shit?

WE:  None/none.  I never have time to make it to the cinema.