WAKING THE DEAD Season 5 review

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WAKING THE DEAD season 5 is a good season for the show about a Brithish police cold case unit, but it does have it's bumps.   TOWERS OF SILENCE, the season opener didn't start to grip me until the second half where the second episode, BLACK RUN, is one of the best of season 5 in addition to UNDERTOW.   STRAW DOG and the season finale (COLD FUSION) prove that WAKING THE DEAD isn't losing steam yet.  

The new characters of Felix (the forensice specialist of rthe team) and Stella Goodman help keep the chemistry between everyone enrgized.  Boyd (the cold case team's leader) is at odds with Spencer Jordan at times still while STRAW DOG shows us a little from Grace's first job consulting for the police.  Boyd gets in over his head in BLACK RUN.   Other than the slow start with TOWERS OF SILENCE, third episode of the season loses steam in it's second half after a great start.  It's like they couldn't pull it off like they did with the other episodes.  Bring on season 6 soon.

Intial short review is (c)12-20-2005 David Blackwell