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TV Review: TRUST
by David Blackwell

DETAILS: TRUST is a British legal drama dealing with lawyers at the Cooper-Fozard law firm dealing in civil law. The lawyers are better at their jobs than handling things in their personal lives. This drama was written and created by Simon Block. The show only lasted for one 6 episode season. The BBC decided not to go for a second season.

STARRING: Robson Green (Steven Bradley), Sarah Parish (Annie Naylor), Neil Stuke (Martin Greig), Eva Birthistle (Maria Acklam), Chiwetel Ejifor (Ashley Carter), and Ian McShane as Alan Cooper-Fozard

ANALYSIS: TRUST is a clever and witty British drama with some great dialogue and some amazing acting from the cast. The first episode is a mixed bag as we are introduced to the lawyers at Cooper-Fozard that is lead by the PG (the Power and the Glory) aka Alan Cooper-Fozard. he wants Ashley not to get a deal for legal services from a client to teach him a lesson. Maria has to deal with an obnoxious client. Steven's marriage is falling apart.

The second episode is better than the first episode. I love the episode. Steven's marriage continues to fall apart as he devotes his time to the firm. One of their clients is trying to buy a travel agency that an ex-lover doesn't want to sell because he feels spurned.

The series lives up to the high standards of other British legal dramas such as Rumpole of the Bailey (that is going to be revived with a new actor as Rumpole)and Kavanaugh Q.C. (that starred John Thaw and Sarah Parish), and TRUST is so much better than any US legal drama on the air currently. Robson Green manages to make any role fit. The actors playing the characters in TRUST are easy to love or people you love to hate where US shows like The Practice get so absurd with characters that annoy you. I just wish there were quality US legal dramas. There hasn't been any since MURDER ONE (and THE D.A. tried). I enjoy the writing and characters of British legal dramas, and I hope the six episodes of TRUST make it to DVD soon.

DVD SCREENER review: BBC America has went to more trouble with this DVD Screener than other cable channels do. The Screener comes in a regular DVD case with DVD sleeve artwork. The back cover tells us what teh show is about with quotes from reviews from British newspapers. The Screener even has a simple menu where you can pick episode one or episode two to play. The menu has the same image from the front cover of the DVD Sleeve art with the TRUST theme music playing.

The colors are good. The blacks tend to muddle details if there is too much black in any area. The image is good enough to watch, but it is another matter when you pause during times of movement. The DVD Screener is good enough for viewing, but the bit rate could have been a little more. Sound is acceptable and you can clearly hear everyone.

this review is (c)8-6-2004 David Blackwell and this review cannot be reprinted without permission. Send all comments to lord_pragmagtic@hotmail.com and look for additional content (and site updates) at http://www.livejournal.com/users/enterlinemedia