TORCHWOOD Season 1 Part 3

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OUT OF TIME is the worst episode I watched out of this season. It's boring. It is an important episode that helps set in motion the rest of the season, but I wish they could have come up with better than this drivel.

COMBAT is the basic Weevel Fight Club episode. Owen feels left out after the ending of OUT OF TIME. He decides to start to self-destruct. It is an improvement over OUT OF TIME, but it is one of the weaker outings of the season.

CAPTAIN JACK HARKNESS looks a little into Jack's past as Jack and Toshiko end up trapped in 1941. The team race to get them back as Toshiko helps to get the needed info back to them. However, an evil force wants to disrupt their plans so it can set the stage for something worse. A little continuity between the Saxon storyline in DOCTOR WHO Season 3 can bee seen with the vote for Saxon posters. This is definitely one of the best episodes of the series.

END OF DAYS is the season finale. It ties in with the rest of the season as the ongoing arc comes to a head. It is the best episode of the season with it's gripping suspense as time is unravelling as people from other time periods are showing up in the present. The Torchwood team is at the breaking point as Billis Manger (the caretaker of the hotel from CAPTAIN JACK HARKNESS) has set everything into motion. It's cliffhanger ending leads into the three part season finale of DOCTOR WHO season 3. I do think the big monster at the end does undermine an almost perfect episode. TORCHWOOD will return in 2008 with new episodes. Overall, TORCHWOOD grew and developed during it's first season. If they keep it up with the quality of the last two episodes, season two will be fantastic.

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