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TORCHWOOD (episodes 1 to 5)

TV show review by David Blackwell






"Sometimes a little technobable is good for the soul."- Captain Jack Harkness

TORCHWOOD is a show that will grow better with time, but the best thing about is the interaction between the members of the team. Too bad most of the threats are utter tosh so far even though I did get a kick out of Jack's decision at the end of SMALL WORLDS. Captain Jack Harkness isn't the Doctor for sure. Jack sometimes has to pick his battles. The friendship between him and new team member Gwen Cooper is developing quite nicely. I liked the scene in the shooting range in GHOST MACHINE. I do want to see Gwen's boyfriend gone quickly because all I can think is that I don't care for the relationship between him and Gwen and hopefully the guy realizes he is being neglected too much. I think there is potential between Jack and Gwen in the future (not too soon because it might just ruin TORCHWOOD for some fans).

Toshiko is the hottie of the group. You do have two men besides Jack. I consider both of them to be pricks at times. CYBERWOMAN shows one fo them decided to hide their converted girlfriend in the basement (when will the team learn to trust their fellow team members). Interesting facts about Jack keep popping up like he knows about the Cybermen from somewhere else beside the London battle in the season 2 of DOCTOR WHO and somehow he fought in both World Wars (I wonder if he somehow traveled back in time after the Doctor and Rose left him behind at the end of season 1). I think Jack trusts Gwen the most since she knows he cannot die (probably something to do with how Rose brought Jack back to life maybe in the DW season 1 finale).

I'm really interested to see where TORCHWOOD goes because the characters keep me watching. I do wish they had better bad guys and plots for the series. Maybe it will be sorted out soon as TORCHWOOD continues to protect the Earth in the 21st century with season 2 scheduled to start filming in the Spring. I love seeing Jack a little darker and Gwen's introduction into the series reminded me of how I felt when I first watched DOCTOR WHO over 20 years ago.

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