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THE A-TEAM (2010)
Movie review by David Blackwell


116 minutes, Rated PG-13


STUDIO:  20th Century Fox/ Dune Entertainment/ Scott Free/ Top Cow/ Stephen J. Cannell Productions

Theatrical RELEASE DATE:  6-11-2010


THE A-TEAM starts with how the team came together in a 20 minute prologue that then jumps eight years later where the team end up getting framed and court-martialed for a mission that went wrong to retrieve a set of counterfeit plates (in Iraq)  that can make fake US Currency.   Then they spend six months in jail before they break out to prove their innocence. 


THE A-TEAM is a fun series of action scenes and humor with the actors giving it their all as the characters while some scenes rely too much on CG (the climax for example).   Sharlto Copely is mad and scene-stealing as Murdoch (see the Braveheart scene) while Liam Nesson hams it up with gusto as Hannibal Smith.   Bradley Cooper is smooth as Faceman Peck who still has a thing for his ex, Captain Sosa (Jessica Biel)- their little encounter in the photo booth is the high point between these two.   The actor playing B.A. Baracus has a deeper side to himself, but it is kinda of hard to match the power Mr. T brought to the role in the TV series.   Liam Nesson perfectly channels George Peppard's take on Hannibal.  This update  even pays homage to the TV series while also saying this is an updated A-TEAM that should stand apart from the TV series counterparts.


 Stay around for the end of the credits for a nice gag scene.   THE A-TEAM is perfect for summer popcorn action entertainment.  


This movie review is (c)6-12-2010 David Blackwell and cannot be reprinted without permission.  Send all comments to lord_pragmagtic@hotmail.com