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DVD Review by David Blackwell


DETAILS:   733 minutes, making of featurette, character profiles, fx featurette, Easter Egg

VIDEO:  1.78:1 (Anamorphic Widescreen)

AUDIO:  English 5.1, 2.0 Dolby Digital

Subtitles:  English


STUDIO:   BBC/ 2 entertain

RELEASE DATE:  4-27-2010

Abby Grant-   she loses her husband to the virus and searches for her son Peter (which she hopes survived the virus like she did)

Tom Price-   a convict with a dangerous past that tries to reform himself in the new world after the virus.  He is attracted to Anya and even is jealous.

Greg Preston-   he wants to be left alone and wonders if his family escaped the virus, but he joins Abby even though he disagrees with her on several occasions

Anya-   a doctor (who wants to forget who she is) that blames herself for the people that died from the virus because she couldn’t save them.   First, she is unaware of tom’s attraction to her.

Al-   a playboy who finds himself caring for an 11 year old

Najid -   an 11 year old Muslim orphan

Sarah-   a woman that wants to be loved and cared for

Dexter-   a dangerous killer who wants power in this new world after the virus

Samantha Willis-   a government woman who tries to form a new nation even if it means harsh justice and siding with dangerous people

Whitaker-   a scientist that is trying to find a vaccine to the virus for PSJ

PSJ-   a mysterious pharmaceutical company that knows more about the virus than anyone else



SURVIVORS is a gripping series about what people will do after 90 percent of the world is wiped out by a virus.  Sometimes the series is predictable and yet it taps into the fear of world pandemics.    The show survives on character development and has the characters drive the story.   A group of survivors (lead by Abby Grant) try to set a good example for the world while others want to take or rule by strict example.   Season 1 is better than season 2, but the cliffhanger for season 2 is a little over-the-top.   It is sad the series did get cancelled.   My favorite characters are Abby and Tom while I think Greg is a whiny bitch.   Anya is also very interesting while I want her to be with Tom despite Tom being a criminal who will kill to survive (while she thinks there is a better way).   Abby is sometimes distracted by her quest to find Peter while being a survivor of the virus makes her valuable to PSJ and Whitaker.  


I would have loved to see how the series would develop if the BBC did renew it for a third season.   The remake makes me curious to check out the original 1970s series and the Terry nation novel (which the remake is based on).




A NEW WORLD- THE MAKING OF SURVIVORS-   A promotional featurette with cast and crew that goes behind-the-scenes of the show as they discuss the series.   It features scenes from season one.

Character Profiles on Abby Grant, Tom Price, and Greg Preston-   The cast and the show creator talk about the actors and the characters.

SURVIVORS FX- a look at the small CGI effects used in the first episode


FINAL ANALYSIS:  SURVIVORS is a gripping series that sometimes does fall into drama traps with its characters.  It makes me curious to check out the original series.

This DVD review is (c)5-29-2010 David Blackwell and cannot be reprinted without permission.  Send all comments to lord_pragmagtic@hotmail.com