2005 Summer Movie Preview

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by David Blackwell

The Summer movie is Full swing with STAR WARS: REVENGE OF THE SITH, a Ridley Scott Crusades epic (KINGDOM OF HEAVEN), a remake (THE LONGEST YARD), and a tabloid baiting MR. AND MRS. SMITH.


BATMAN BEGINS (June 15)- The 10 minute preview after the season finale of SMALLVILLE rocked my world. Christian Bale is BATMAN in this origin tale about how Bruce became Batman. Michael Caine is Alfred, Gary Oldman is Detective Gordon, and Katie Holmes is Bruce's old flame. Liam Nesson also stars. Expect Ra's Al Ghul and the Scarecrow to battle the BATMAN. From the directorof MEMENTO and INSOMNIA, Chris Nolan.

THE BROTHERS GRIMM (August 26)- The long delayed, plagued with problems film from director Terry Gilliam finally arrives.

CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY (July 15)- Johnny Depp is Willy Wonka in this latest adaptation of the novel from director Tim Burton.

FANTASTIC FOUR (July 8)- The original superheros of the 1960s before Marvel Comics came out with the HULK, SPIDER-MAN, and the X-MEN. The stars of two FX series (THE SHIELD and NIP/TUCK) do battle on opposite sides. Jessica Alba is the sexy Invisible Woman.

THE ISLAND (July 15)- Yep, it's good to see Sean Bean getting work. The preview shows many thrills in what may ot may not be a great action film from director Michael Bay (PEARL HARBOR, THE ROCK, BAD BOYS 1 and 2, and ARMAGEDDON).

SKY HIGH (July 29)- Kurt Russell and Kelly Preston play married superheroes.

STEALTH (July 29)- Three fighter pilots (including Jamie Foxx and the sexy Jessica Biel) go up against a screwy AI fighter plane.

WAR OF THE WORLDS (June 29)- Tom Cruise and Dakota Fanning star in this modern adaptation of the H.G. Wells' novel from director Steven Spielberg. Not to be confused with the rival WAR OF THE WORLDS film that is the first faithful adaptation of the novel.

2048 (August 5)-


THE CAVE (August 26)- Sleeper hit. The preview looks rad.

DARK WATER (July 8)- Remake of the hit Japanese Horror film.

LAND OF THE DEAD (June 24)- Horror Master George Romero is back with another zomie film where a group of people must defend the last humans on Earth in a fortified city from evolving zombies.

NIGHT WATCH (July 29)- This Russian film did boffo business in Russia.

RED EYE (August)-  Wes Craven directs.  let's hope it's not CURSED like his last movie.



BAD NEWS BEARS (July 22)- Did they really need to remake this one? Have mercy on us all?

BEWITCHED (June 24)- A different approach to a remake where the main characters play actors ina remake of the Bewitched TV show except one of them is a witch (Nicole Kidman) who falls for her leading man (Will Ferrell).

DUECE BIGALOW: EUROPEAN GIGALOW (August 12)- Yep, some will cringe when they hear a sequel has been made.

DUKES OF HAZZARD (August 5)- Others will still cringe at the remake of this crappy TV show that some have dubbed as the Worst Idea of the Summer.

HERBIE: FULLY LOADED (June 24)- Another dreaded remake witha VW Bug that helps Lindsay Lohan race in NASCAR.  Lindsay Lohan, where art tho with those good movie roles?

PINK PANTHER (Delayed to 2006)- Steve Martin is Inspector Closseau with Jean Reno as his sidekick.


THE 40 YEAR OLD VIRGIN ( August 19)- Might be fun to watch.

WEDDING CRASHERS (July 15)- Vince Vaughan and Owen Wilson play a a couple of wedding crashers out to get laid.