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SPOOKS/ MI-5 SEason 5 Part 2

TV review of episodes 6 to 10 by David Blackwell

I love this show. It seems all too real. Even the season finale is miles ahead of the finale from last season. SPOOKS (or MI-5 in the USA) packs on more threats whether it is a big plan to destabilize a nuclear power deal between the UK and Saudi Arabia in a two parter that kicks off the second half of season 5. The reason why the UK is very compelling since oil and gas prices are on the rise (and that fact is played up in the season finale). Then you have religious fanatics trying to start a war with Islam. But also you have Adam suffering more from post-traumatic stress syndrome which almost costs everyone and his life more than once. Every episode kept me on edge and the ending to episode 9 is a shocker while the episode tries to pull you in many directions.

The season finale deals with eco-terrorists threatening to flood London. It is a more riveting hour than the Princess Diana conspiracy nonsense that polluted most of season 4's finale. Still it is very much the Adam and Roz show, but the other characters do get a little more to do in the second half. I want to see the other people at MI-5 explored more because all we get to know about Jo is a scene with her mother in the season finale. I wonder what the writers and producers have planned for season 6 and the spin-off series which is known presently as ROGUE SPOOKS.

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