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Movie review by David Blackwell


130 minutes, rated PG-13


STUDIO: Summit Entertainment/ Temple Hill Entertainment

Theatrical RELEASE DATE:  11-20-2009

NEW MOON is problematic from a storytelling perspective.   Edward is gone from the story for half of the film.   You have mopey Bella who decides to be thrill seeker so she can see Edward in her head speak to her.   Edward rips out part of her heart after the Cullens leave Forks, Washington due to Jasper almost wanting to kill Bella at her birthday party (a paper cut that makes her bleed).  Bella decides to start hanging with Jacob (who has grown buff and is shirtless for many of his scenes).  


NEW MOON may appeal to females more due to the frequent scenes of shirtless teenage boys (who just happen to be werewolves).   Sometimes, I wanted to get snarky with aspects of this film.   Bella so wants to be emo while Edward is clearly more of an emo vampire (Robert Pattison makes Edward seem like he will burst into tears anytime due to his pained expression all of the time).   Also the male vampires are pasty and ugly compared to the werewolves.  The women in the film whether they’re vampire, human, or scarred by werewolf come to be beautiful.  However, NEW MOON isn’t a total loss for male audiences due to the action scenes which don’t start showing up until halfway into the film.  Chris Weitz does a better directing job at a TWILIGHT film than Catherine Hardwicke, but I do think the script is a little stronger overall with the first one.


This movie review is (c)11-27-2009 and cannot be reprinted without permission.  Send all comments to lord_pragmagtic@hotmail.com


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