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DVD review by David Blackwell
DETAILS:   87 minutes, audio commentary, featurette
VIDEO:   1.78:1 (Anamorphic Widescreen)
AUDIO:   English 5.1 Dolby Surround
Subtitles:    English
STUDIO:  MGM/ 20th Century Fox
RELEASE DATE:   2-17-2009

I felt sad when DEAD LIKE ME was cancelled.    The show was full of dark humor mixed with pathos and a few swear words.   George (EllenMuth) gets killed at the age of 18 by the toliet from the old Russian space station.  She gets offered a job to become a Grim Reaper.  She has to release the souls of the living right before they're killed.  She is a group with other Grim Reapers who are just as screwed up as her or even more.   Mason (an ex-druggie), Roxie (a wannabe actor who uses sex to get her way), and Roxie (a cop) are the other Reapers.   Rube used to be their boss and now he got his lights.
DEAD LIKE ME: LIFE AFTER DEATH is like a reunion with an old friend you haven't seen in years and picking up things where they left off.  It picks up five years after George had died.   The waffle house the Reapers meet at is burned down.   The Reapers get a new boss, Cameron (Henry Ian Cusick), and cell phones instead of post-it notes to get the messages of where they have to be at and who and what time.  George takes a disliking to the new boss.  The rest of the Reapers fall under Cameron's spell.    In the course of a reap gone wrong, George discovers her now teenage sister, Reggie, is in love with the teenage boy George is assigned to take to his death. 
I liked the movie.  The funny moments stand out and the ending sets up room for a sequel.    DEAD LIKE ME: LIFE AFTER DEATH is at it's core about George and her realtionships with others as she takes on new responsibilities becasue she ahs grown since she took her new job as a Grim Reaper.   She even reveals herself to Reggie.   The other Reapers do get the short end of the stick despite the small character moments the movie tries to give them.  Hopefully, future movies will give more room for the other Reapers.
BACK FROM THE DEAD: RESURRECTING DEAD LIKE ME is your standard promotional featurette that has interviews with cast and crew.   The better extra is the insightful audio commentary by director Stephen Herek (he missed out on directing the pilot of the series) and actress Ellen Muth.   The commentary reveals many details about the production of the movie (it was filmed in Montreal for example) and Muth reveals a little about the series itself (how Callum Blue does his part).
FINAL ANALYSIS:   I hope there are mroe DEAD LIKE ME movies to come since I loved DEAD LIKE ME: LIFE AFTER DEATH.
this DVD review is (c)2-19-2009 David Blackwell and cannotbe reprinted iwthout permission.  send all comments to lord_pragmagtic@hotmail.com