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movie review by David Blackwell

110 minutes, Rated R
Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1

STARRING Jamie Fox, Jenniffer Garner, Chris Cooper, Jason Bateman, Ashraf Barhom, Raad Rawi
WRITTEN by Matthew Michael Carmahan
DIRECTED by Peter Berg

STUDIO: Universal Pictures/ Forward Pass/ Relativity Media
Theatrical RELEASE DATE: 9-28-2007

THE KINGDOM follows an elite FBI team (led by Ronald Fluery (Jamie Foxx)) sent to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia to investigate the bombing in an American housing compound. They find their investigation difficult due to protocol and distrust. The FBI has five days to find the bomber behind it. Their only ally is Colonel Al-Ghazi (Ashraf Barhoum) that helps Fluery and his team.

THE KINGDOM reflects the current situation in Saudi Arabia and the conflicts within (and against the USA). It is action driven at times while throwing in a little character development, investigation, politics, and how Saudi Arabia has been influenced by Western culture. Saudia Arabia is a kingdom at conflict with itself. Some have embraced influences of Western culture while others want the Americans off Muslim soil (even if it means killing them all). The United States State Department wants to toe the line and not make any ripples in the name of good politics. The FBI team just want to find the ones responsible. The last 30 minutes are an intense thrill ride full of action. THE KINGDOM also makes one truth known- no side is winning because we each side wants to kill them all. How do we win when more terrorist want to kill Americans once we get rid of the most immediate threat? It keeps going on. THE KINGDOM walks the fine line between current events and action and kept me watching from start to end.

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