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Kenneth Johnson has a range of directing and writing credits.  He is best known for writing and directing the V mini-series in addition to turning ALIEN NATION into a TV series  (in 1989) which he wrote and directed the pilot.  The series only lasted one season, but he directed all of the TV movies when ALIEN NATION got a second chance in the mid 1990s.   In addition to creating V and the ALIEN NATION TV series, he was the creator of the BIONIC WOMAN and THE INCREDIBLLE HULK TV series.   His directing credits range from episodes of JAG to 7 Days to the Incredible Hulk the Bionic Woman, Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century,  and movies such as Short Circuit 2 and Steel.  He wants to bring back V witha  sequel to the original mini-series.  The project is known as V: The Second Generation which still hasn't been given the green light by any network while it has stalled out at NBC.

Enterline Media:. Would you love to see Alien Nation and is it possible that one things you might use the Newcomers to comment on would be post 9/1/2001 events (Bush's War on Terror, The Patriot Act)?

Kenneth Johnson: I've love to see more of Alien Nation, but I don't think that will ever be happening. Certainly we would always try to work -- in allegory -- with the most current events.


EM: I was disappointed with the small amount of extras for the DVD set, has FOX talked to you yet about doing some commentaries for the TV movies if they do decide to release them to DVD?

KJ: They have. If they go forward I will gladly do them. They didn't have the money for other extras, which is a shame because I have a wealth of behind the scenes footage.

EM: I never really watched the series until now, but I have watched the TV movies. What were the finest episodes and movies of Alien Nation?

KJ: All the movies were received very well by both the public and critics. Hard to pick a fave there. But of the series, Three to Tango, Partners and Real Men were my faves.

EM: What is the latest news on the new V mini-series?

KJ: Still waiting on the network brain trust.

EM: What are you working on now?

KJ: Several features in development. Too soon to talk.

EM: Last movies you watched?

KJ: In the theater Match Point, but I've seen most all the recent releases that aren't too ugly.

EM: Latest DVDs you watched?

KJ: At home it was Destry Rides Again -- one of my favorites.

EM: Favorite movies and DVDs of 2005?

KJ: Everything is Illuminated, Walk The Line, Mrs. Henderson Presents

EM: What TV shows do you watch?

KJ: Virtually none.

EM: What do you want to see happen this year?

KJ: For Bush to go to Iraq and the troops to come home.

For more on Kenneth Johnson, go to his site:


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