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JUMPER (2008)
movie review by David Blackwell

88 minutes, PG-13

STARRING Hayden Christensen (David Rice), Samuel L. Jackson (Roland), Rachel Bilson (Millie), Jamie Bell (Griffin), Diane Lane (Mary Rice), Michael rooker (William Rice)

WRITTEN by David S. Goyer, James Uhls, Simon Kinberg
based on the novel by Steven Gould
DIRECTED by Doug Liman

STUDIO: 20th Century Fox/ New Regency Pictures/ Hypnotic
Theatrical RELEASE DATE: 2-14-2008

JUMPER is full of promise. It's action and special effects drive this film. What it is missing is more character and story development. The brisk 88 minute running time makes me wonder if an extended cut will be coming to DVD and that some stuff may have ended up on the cutting room floor. The film leaves room for a sequel. The big opening weekend suggest a sequel will get made, but JUMPER was a thrilling movie from the trailers. It is just too short and needs more room to breathe.

JUMPER is about David Rice who discovers he can teleport anywhere. He runs away and robs banks. His life is easy until eight years later when Roland, part of a group of Paladins, shows up wanrting to kill David. David is soon on the run and he meets up with his childhood sweetheart, Millie. He also bumps into another Jumper, Griffin. Griffin is out to kill every single Paladin and learns who his mom (Diane Lane) is and why she disappeared when he was five.

JUMPER is a popcorn sci-fi action film. It presents plenty of ideas only to squander their development. The technology the Paladins use is of great interest. You never find out why Roland is a Paladin and why he wants to kill Jumpers. JUMPER would have benefited from more character development and additional story. Instead, JUMPER is just a way to pass the time for 90 minutes. It is a film of missed chances to make it stand out from the rest. I hope a sequel or even an extended cut for DVD will flesh out what JUMPER sorely needs to be more than just average sci-fi entertainment.

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