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ENTERLINE MEDIA: What is the first movie you saw at the drive-in?

JOE BOB BRIGGS:  Well, I don't recall because I was probably about two or three years old. It was probably some lame Technicolor sex farce that my parents wanted to see, with Paul Lynde as the wacky neighbor.

EM: What is the best movie you seen at a drive-in theater?

JBB: "The Texas Chain Saw Massacre." Mission Drive-in, San Antonio. The original.

EM: How many drive-in theaters have you been to?

JBB:  I've probably been to about 100.

EM: When was the last time you been to the drive-in?

JBB:  Labor Day weekend. I was the host of Drive-Invasion at the Starlight Drive-In in Atlanta--three days of cult movies, rock and roll, and motorcycle shows.

EM: What are your Favorite movies?

JBB:  The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Night of the Living Dead, Hellraiser, Suspiria, Black Sunday--those would be at the top of the list.

EM: Favorite TV shows?

JBB:  The Investigators, City Confidential, Cold Case Files, Forensic Files.

EM: Favorite Horror movies (and favorite horror movies on DVD)?

JBB:  Same ones I listed earlier. MOST of my favorites are horror.

EM:  What is the last DVD you watched?

JBB:  "Curse of Her Flesh"

EM: What is the most disappointing movie of the year (or last 12 months)?

JBB:  The Grudge.

EM: Why did MonsterVision end?

JBB:  TNT was "re-positioning" itself to have less of a male audience and more of a female audience, and they felt like my show was just too low-class and male-oriented.

EM: Do you wish MonsterVision could return to TV?

JBB:  Yes, I wish I had some kind of show on TV. Maybe not MonsterVision, but something similar.

EM:  What do you think of Hunter S. Thompson and what you do think Hunter will write about this year's presidental election?

JBB:  I've been in loose contact with Hunter for years. He used to send me pictures of stuff he exploded on his ranch. I didn't see any of his stuff on the presidential election, but I did like his quote at one of the rallies. Something to the effect of "Four years ago we had a country that was rich and at peace. Now we have a country that's poor and constantly at war."

EM: Have you seen the movie DOUBLE VISION (aka Shaun tong), it's a great thriller/horror movie that came out on DVD last year in the USA (I reviewed the DVD last year and it was recently repriced in the last few weeks)?

JBB:  Sorry, I missed that one. Shame on me.

EM:  Getting back to drive-in mvoie theaters, why do you think some of the last few have held on and some still do great business (the Midway Drive-In has always turned a profit even though Signature Theaters has been trying to sell it for commercial development for at least 3 years)?

JBB:  Most drive-ins make money. They just don't make as much money as the value of the raw land they sit on.

EM: What is the weirdest thing that happened to you while you were on the road travelling?

JBB:  I was in San Francisco performing at the Great American Music Hall, which is right next door to the Mitchell Brothers porno emporium, and the Mitchell Brothers sent over a giant box of porn and offered me free VIP privileges in the champagne room, whatever THAT meant. I never found out.

EM:  What year featured the best Halloween?

JBB:  The first one: 1978.

EM: What are the best (or favorite) Horror related web sites?

JBB:  There's not a good one, in terms of a comprehensive one that is error-free and original.

EM: Last question (I hope as long as I don't have any questions coming out of your answers to these questions)- what's next for Joe Bob Briggs?

JBB:  I don't know what I'm doing next week, much less next year. I'm sure I'll be doing more DVD commentaries, more books, and the occasional film.

For more on Joe Bob Briggs,  visit his site:   http://www.joebobbriggs.com/

this ENTERLINE MEDIA Q&A is (c)12-24-2004 David blackwell and cannot be reprinted without permission.  send all comments to lord_pragmagtic@hotmail.com