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JERICHO The Second Season
DVD Review by David Blackwell

DETAILS: 347 minutes (7 episodes on two discs), deleted scenes, audio commentaries, 2 featurettes, alternate ending for final episode
VIDEO: 1.78:1 (Anamorphic Widescreen)
AUDIO: English 5.1 Dolby Surround, English Stereo
Subtitles: English, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese

STUDIO: CBS DVD/ Paramount/ CBS Paramount Network Television
RELEASE DATE: 6-17-2008


JERICHO was one of the best series to premiere in 2006. It was canceled in 2007 only to be brought back for a seven episode second season that started airing in February 2008. Then it was canceled again by CBS right before the season finale aired. A shorter season brought out an even better season than the first. They had no room for padding. On the downside, the second season was on a smaller budget which mean some characters couldn't be used or others only used for certain episodes. Too bad CBS didn't renew the series for one more season or that another network (or channel) picked the show up.

JERICHO revolves around the small town of Jericho, Kansas after nuclear attacks in several cities change the face of teh United States. The second season begins where the battle bettwe the towns of New Bern and Jericho is stopped by the military forces of the Allied States Of America. The military brings order and the commanding officer makes Jake Green (Skeet Ulrich) sheriff of Jericho. Meanwhile, Hawkins (Lenny James0 works to expose the government of the Allied States Of America is part of the conspiracy involving his old boss and the company known as Jennings & Rall. He must get the last remaining proof- a nuclear bomb- to the free nation of Texa. Also events in jericho leads to everyone to take a stand and sacrifices will be made and new choices bring maybe new beginnings.

This set had a wealth of extras. All stops had been pulled out.
Audio commentaries for all seven episodes with cast and crew:
RECONSTRUCTION by Carol Barbee and John E. Steinberg
CONDOR by Matt Federman, Steve Scaia, and Lennie James
JENNINGS & RALL by Karim Zreik and Kenneth Mitchell
OVERSIGHT by Dan Shotz, Robert Levine, and Brad Beyer
TERMINATION FOR CAUSE by Dan Shotz, John E. Steinberg, and Alicia Coppola
SEDITION by Carol Barbee and Skeet Ulrich
PATRIOTS AND TYRANTS by Dan Shotz and Jonathan E. Steinberg
the entertaining audio commentaries are fun to listen to and feature plenty of behind-the-scenes production info and some analysis of said episodes by cast and crew.

Deleted scenes are included for almost every episode (except JANNINGS & RALL) with optional audio commentary by Dan Shotz and Jonathan E. Steinberg. The season finale (PATRIOTS AND TYRANTS) is featured in two versions (as aired and the alternate ending version if CBS didn't cancel the series) with optional audio commentary by Dan Shotz and Jonathan E. Steinberg. I prefer the alternate version because it sets up a cool cliffhanger to be resolved in season three. However, CBS decided to cancel JERICHO which should have aired in an earlier slot (like maybe the NCIS slot where NCIS was airing repeats at the time). The 9 pm/ 10 pm slot is a tough slot for any drama on Tuesday.

REBUILDING JERICHO- a look at the comeback of JERICHO and behind-the-scenes of season 2.
NUT JOB- the nuts campaign that helped convince CBS bring back the series for season 2 after canceling it. CBS even tried to get the producers of the show to tell the fans to stop sending nuts in. In the end, the nuts were donated to homeless shelters and food banks.

The only bad news about the season 2 set is that CBS DVD has a bonus DVD included on the complete series set (collecting season 1 and 2 together). I wish the bonus disc was included on the season 2 set for all the loyal fans who bought season 1.

FINAL ANALYSIS: JERICHO is one of the best series to ever air on TV. A shorter and tighter season brought out a great season even better than the first. Nuts for CBS canceling it again. Still the DVD set is a treat for all fans who love this series.

this DVD review is (c)6-13-2008 David Blackwell and cannot be reprinted without permission. send all comments to lord_pragmagtic@hotmail.com  

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