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TV Review: WAKING THE DEAD season 4

by David Blackwell


4.1 IN SIGHT OF THE LORD- When a body is found with a nine inch nail it it's head, the team trace it back to other murders done in the same way and all of the victims used to serve in the same Army regiment during World War II.

4.2 FALSE FLAG- Investigation into a body recently discovered (in a car in a condemned garage) uncovers a government conspiracy from years ago to plant a mole into the IRA.

4.3 FUGUE STATES- The team is called in when Jason, who was kidnapped 15 years ago as a child, shows up in the hospital due to a traffic accident. Can the team find out who taken and what happed to his twin sister, Cindy, who was also abducted 15 years ago? The case leads Mel to look for her mom (that gave her up for adoption).

4.4 ANGER MANAGEMENT- An apparent suicide in a halfway house is discovered to be a murder and one of the prime suspects is recently released man. Meanwhile, Boyd tries to deal with his anger management issues. Things become even more complicated when someone breaks into the team's forensic lab and steals the murder weapon.

4.5 THE HARDEST WORD- A new murder (made to look like it is homoerotic in nature) related to a cold case brings the Cold Case Unit to investigate again after having visited the case six months ago. the big problem is the major witness in the first case is an informant on organized crime. Boyd takes a fancy to a young famous

profiler named Greta when she is brought in to help on the case.

4.6 SHADOWPLAY- Boyd and the team investigate a series of related murder cases that may be the work of an unseen Shepard who preys on mentally troubled women to murder. Boyd believes the Shepard may be the psychiatrist who is having sessions with the troubled women. The problem is that Mel has gotten emotionally involved with the prime suspect. The case ends up putting one of the Cold Case unit in danger and may result in the person's death. Will the team ever be the same in the aftermath of the events that occur?


ANALYSIS: After a slow start, WAKING THE DEAD season 4 kicks into some of the best stories of the show ever with FUGUE STATES and up to the last 30 minutes of SHADOWPLAY that left him in shock as much as the members of the Cold Case team. As usual, the show has some sexual innuendo between the team members (done on purpose by the writers). One of my favorite moments (in THE HARDEST WORD) is when Grace comes into the female restroom and she sees Boyd and Mel coming out of a toilet stall. The look on her face is priceless. Also in the same episode, Grace brings up the fact that Boyd fancies Greta. Then this season does have some continuity between the episodes as Boyd's anger management is followed up in THE HARDEST WORD. The cast shine in their roles and they look like they are having fun playing the characters. As usual, WAKING THE DEAD is a very involving show especially when it is at it's best in some of these episodes.

Of course, the next season (the fifth season) won't be the same since the fourth series/season of WAKING THE DEAD is the last for the characters of Mel and Frankie. I wonder how the writers will fill the void with new characters and deal with how the remaining original team members will deal with the departure of Frankie and Mel.

Season 4 will debut on BBC America on November 21st, 2004. There are rumors that the show might start being released on DVD in 2005.

this review is (c)9-17-2004 David Blackwell and it cannot be reprinted without permission. Send all comments to lord_pragmagtic@hotmail.com

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