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Movie review by David Blackwell

Starring Nicolas Cage, Eva Mendes, Peter Fonda

Written and directed by Mark Steven Johnson

based on the Marvel comic book

114 minutes, PG-13

GHOST RIDER is a cheesy fun comic book Spaghetti Western. Nic Cage plays Johnny Blaze who makes a pact with the Devil in exchange that Blaze has to become the Ghost Rider years later when the Devil needs him to fight a fallen angel, Blackheart, who is after a contract of 1,000 souls that the last Ghost Rider refused to give to the Devil 150 years ago. Meanwhile, Cage becomes a famous motorcycle stunt rider on the same level as Evel Knievel, listens to the Carpenters, eats jelly beans out of a glass, watch karate chimps on TV, and read strange books while he really wants to hook up with his old flame, TV reporter Roxanne (Eva Mendes). Sam Elliot shows up as a cemetery caretaker who is Yoda to Cage's Skywalker.

Cage plays this role not too seriously at times because how can you take a flaming skeleton on a flaming motorcycle as a serious comic book character anyway. No wonder Blaze's old flame leaves him yet again when he tells her the truth. Peter Fonda chews the scenery as the Devil. Writer/ Director Mark Steven Johnson brings life and visual flare to this comic book adaptation (his second with the first being DAREDEVIL- see the Director's Cut of that stat). GHOST RIDER has pulled in the money at the box office (poised to earn over $100 million) and this origin film ensures we might see a sequel soon. Cage has found his sequel role since he never got to play Superman and he named his son Kal-el. So if you're looking for a fun movie, see GHOST RIDER and wonder how much Cage brought to the over-the-top nature of Johnny Blaze.

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