2005 Fall TV Preview part One

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FALL 2005 TV Preview

by David Blackwell


BONES (FOX)- The chick from Hitchhiker's Guide plays the anthropologist character from the best selling Kathryn Reich novels. David Borenaz makes a quick return to TV after his movie career crashed and burned shortly after the cancellation of ANGEL.

E-RING (NBC)- A Pentagon drama from Jerry Bruckhiemer.


PRISON BREAK (FOX)- Let me get this right. Guy robs a bank to get thrown into prison so that he can break his brother out of prison because his brother is a victim of some big conspiracy involving the White House.


THE GHOST WHISPERER (CBS)- Jennifer Love Hewitt makes her return to TV after an on the rocks movie career to play a woman who sees dead people.

INVASION (ABC)- A hurricane happens and some people start acting strangely afterwards. Could it be the water or could it be an alien invasion?

THE NIGHT STALKER (ABC)- Sturat Townsend is a younger Kolchak in this draker update of the classic 1970s series which starred Darren McGavin. This update is from X-Files producer, Frank Spotnitz. ABC should take some reality drugs and move it out of the slot against CSI and THE APPRENTICE. If they don't reschedule, expect the show to disappear quicker than aliens no matter how good or bad this show is. Also ABC's track record for launching new shows on Thursdays has been terrible over the last several years.



THRESHOLD (CBS)- Another alien invasion series. This time from one of the two people blamed for the demise of the Star Trek franchise.


This time, the schedule changes don't make sense. It is like the networks are unintentionally trying to kill some shows they renewed. I just don't understand why ABC has moved LOST to an hour later where it was the king of it's time slot and they should continue to try to build a solid night of drama. Then The WB does the weird thing of moving SMALLVILLE to Thursday (makes less sense than the move of ALIAS to Thursday by ABC).


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