TV Review: DOCTOR WHO Season 3 Part 4

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THE FAMILY OF BLOOD Part 2 (of 2) is a good resolution to HUMAN NATURE. John Smith has to make atough decision to become the Doctor again.

BLINK is a much better effort than last season's LOVE AND MONSTERS. My hope is when they do an episode (that doesn't feature the Doctor and companion much) for season 4 will focus on a past character from the classic series. The stone angels are frightening and Sally Sparrow is anice character to focus on to help the doctor and Martha.

UTOPIA Part 1 (of 3) brings back two favorite DOCTOR WHO characters as the TARDIS takes the Doctor, Martha, and Captain Jack Harkness to the end of time. They meeet the last of the humans and their hope lies in Professor Yana (Derek Jacobi) who has a deadly secret.

THE SOUND OF THE DRUMS Part 2 (of 3) finds the doctor, Martha, and Jack back in the present to stop Prime Minister Saxon who is really the newly regenerated Master (John Simms). The episode goes by fast as the odds are against the Doctor as all the clues about Saxon come together. Nice to see a helicarrier. I can tell Russell T. Davies must have been reading lots of Nick Fury: Agent Of SHIELD comics.

LAST OF THE TIMELORDS Part 3 (of 3) is a mixed bag. It isn't a bad conclusion, but a few of the writing choices leaves me wondering why RTD did it. John Simms isn't as great a Master as Roger Delgado or Anthony Ainley. I do like the ending stolen straight from the FLASH GORDON movie.

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