DOCTOR WHO Season 3 Part 3

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THE LAZARUS EXPERIMENT will be reviewed soon. It begins the arc with the mysterious Mr. Saxon (rumored to be a long lost enemy). The Doctor brings Martha home to end up fighting scientist whose DNA is out of control due to his experiment to make himself younger. Martha's mom ends up not trusting the Doctor and the arc for the rest of the season starts here. The episode goes by so fast that it keeps hitting you with new surprises. I love the preview for the rest of the season.

42 is an action-packed rush. It keeps pumping along as the Doctor, Martha, and a spacehsip crew have 42 minutes to stop the ship from going into the sun (and they have a crew member taken over by an alien also trying to kill them off). The special effects are breathtaking and the music is some of the best work for the series. The best episode of the season so far.

HUMAN NATURE (part 1 of 2) is an adaptatiion of a DOCTOR WHO novel redone to fit into the series. Instead of the 7th Doctor, the 10th Doctor is front and center as he becomes human (and a school teacher in 1913) to escape a race known as the Family who want his Time Lord body. It is heartbreaking to see Martha know who the Doctor is and can't bring him back to himself unless it is needed. He does dream of his real life every night and writes it down. He falls in love with another woman when everything starts to go wrong. The Family catch up to them and the stage is set for what might be a great conclusion.

this review is (c)6-16-2007 David Blackwell. It will be revised soon.